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Mo Coulson is a Celtic harper, a singer songwriter, storyteller.

Mo Coulson
Harps, Songs, Red Herrings, & Mermaids.
Mo Coulson has loved music and harps for as long as she can remember.
She has played at folk clubs and a variety of events, from schools to more formal functions. She plays the Celtic lever harp and enjoys playing all kinds of music from traditional to classical. She also sings and plays mostly original songs with harp or guitar, and uses the harp for storytelling for children and adults.

She plays with Red Herrings - a folk trio with Kate Easton & Sam Watts, playing songs and tunes both traditional and original. and they have  recorded an EP, Sunrise

She has recorded 2 albums with multi-instrumentalist Chris Conway - Spirits Of The Mermaids and Spirits Of The Angels - on the Paradise Music label. She has also recorded as a special guest on albums by Chris Conway, Govannen, Kenneth J Nash, Martin Burch and Roger Pugh

Like her mermaid heroines, she is drawn to the sea and takes regular visits to her favourite spot in Lyme Regis.

 Mo Coulson can provide beautiful background music for wedding receptions and other special events including parties and corporate events. Mo can also be booked for gigs and storytelling . Contact via email.

Red Herrings are available for gigs and can be contacted through the same email address or through their Facebook page, where there are sound clips of their recording sessions.

Concerts 2017
10th June - The Green Place, Sileby - with Red Herrings
20th August - Bradgate Park Festival - with Red Herrings

Mo Coulson & Chris Conway - The Enchanted Forest
Mo Coulson & Chris Conway - The Enchanted Forest
Portal Key - Unlock
Enchanted Forest Portal
Into The Forest
Glade Of Memories
Around The Fire
The Enchanter's Dance
Forest Dreams
The Darkwood
Rainbow Gathering
The Bear Dance
Out Of The Forest
Portal Key - Lock

A wondrous multi-instrumental journey through an enchanted forest featuring Celtic harp, Irish whistles, and a host of exotic instruments. Follow the journey through the portal into the forest and a glade of memories, sit around the fire with a tree spirit, dance to an enchanter's music, hear the creepy Darkwood, and celebrate at a festive Rainbow Dance.

Mo Coulson -
Celtic harp, vocals, shakers, chimes, whispers
Chris Conway -
keyboards, piano, low & tin Irish whistles, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, zither, bombarde, theremin, metallophone, bodhran, chimes, temple bells, percussion, drum loops, field recordings, voice, whispers.

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Spirits of the Mermaids - Mo Coulson & Chris Conway soon


Mo Coulson & Chris Conway - Spirits Of The Angels
Chris Conway & Mo Coulson - Spirits Of The Angels
Angel At The Gates Of Dawn mp3
Kyrie Eleison mp3
Guardian Angel mp3
Angel Descending mp3
On Angel Wings mp3
An Angel In Ireland mp3
The Angel's Dream mp3
Angel Alone mp3
Angel Ascending mp3
10 Angel At The Gates Of Night mp3
Guardian Angel - reprise mp3
Spirits Of Th eAngels cd back

An Angel Spends A Day On Earth. Beautiful relaxing angelic music featuring Celtic harps, Irish whistles, voices, zither and more. Follow the story of an angel who hears a child's voice, and spends a day on Earth seeking the child.

Mo Coulson -
Celtic harp, vocals, chimes, whispers
Chris Conway -
keyboards, piano, Irish whistles, acoustic 9 string guitar, vocals, bodhran, zither, temple bells, chimes, percussion, whispers.


Light and airy, deep and satisfying, this 11 track CD from Paradise Music just continued to blow me away.  Even after my ears aren’t listening anymore my heart and soul stayed very happily plugged in.

The voices and instruments came together to just take me all kinds of places. I would recommend this Celestial Hunny to anyone wanting a light meal that sticks to the spiritual ribs.
Thanks so much you two for slowing this old soul down.
Love & Light,
Riki Frahmann - Mystic Living Today e-zine

Provides me with a dreamscape within which to produce ideas. For me, good background music of the relaxing kind - which one needs in a busy life.
Writer Rich, Amazon

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Spirits of the Mermaids - Mo Coulson & Chris Conway

Mo Coulson & Chris Conway - Spirits Of The Mermaids
CD Spirits of the Mermaids
Towards The Shore
Mermaids Join The Dance
Lure Of The Siren
Storms And Sea
Longing For The Sea
Underwater Dreams
Don't Make A Sound
10 Mermaid's Wedding Dance
The Water Kelpie
12 Lady In The Moon
Return To The Sea

cd Spirits of the Mermaid back

Relaxing Celtic music and songs featuring a host of instruments such as Celtic harp, Irish whistles, zither and flute and Mo Coulson's beautiful voice, plus guest players from the Govannen and Red Herrings groups. Follow the story of Melusina, a mermaid who is torn between her life with a man she loves and the pull of her old life in the sea.

Mo Coulson -
Celtic harp, vocals, accordian
Chris Conway -
keyboards, Irish tin & low whistles, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, bombarde, zither, bamboo flute, kalimba, vocals, bodhran, percussion, sound effects.
Sam Watts -
vocals, flute – 3, 4, 5, 6, 12
Kate Easton -
vocals – 3, 5, 6, 12
Adele McMahon -
violin – 1, 2, 4, 10, 13
Dan Britton -
bodhran – 2, 4, 8, 10
Sarah Hickman
cello – 1, 9, 13


I especially enjoyed listening to this album from start to finish with headphones to be fully immersed in the lush aqueous soundscapes created within this imaginative and entrancing musical adventure. -
Michael Diamond
Awareness Magazine - July/August 2014

The overall sound has a light Celtic flavor and a relaxed quality that evokes a sense of peace and serenity. Coulson's vocals drift through several of the tracks, including the beautiful "Don't Make A Sound" and the music box-like "Melusina."
Remarkable, relaxing Celtic music that tells a beautiful love story based on the tales of Melusine, who appears in much mermaid mythology. Features special guests from the award-winning Govannen.
Holistic Page - Australia

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also available from,uk


Spirits of the Mermaids - Mo Coulson & Chris Conway

Mo also plays guest appearances on

Chris Conway - Celtic Dreamer

Govannen cd Celtic Earth
Govannen - Celtic Earth

Chris Conway Buddha Dreamer album
Chris Conway - Budhha Dreamer

Chris Conway - Through Mirrors We Met
Chris Conway - Through Mirrors We Met

Chris Conway Out Of The Blue
Chris Conway - Out Of The Blue


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