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Vikki has a new website here
We are going to keep the Vikki page here for the forseeable future as its been here a while and it will help to direct people to the new site if they haven't been here for a while. We'll also keep the photo album here as we have different photos from the new site. This page will mostly be about Vikki and her work with Chris Conway.

September 2010

Weyfest - Vikki and Chris & guitarist Martin Burch are playing at Weyfest on Sunday 5th Sept - CC has a solo slot at 7pm and the Vikki Clayton band are on at 7.30 til 8.10pm

June 2010
Kirby Twins Club
Vikki is appearing with her band (Chris Conway & Martin Burch and Neil Segrott) at the Kirby Twins Acoustic Club, Kirby Bellars, Leicestershire on Saturday 19th June.

video - taken from Chris Conway's -Iin Concert DVD

April 2010

Vikki appears with Chris Conway on 3 songs on Chris's In Concert DVD
which is out now - just £10 - she sings lead on Chris's songs Ten Years and I Want Something and harmonies on Coming in to Land

Vikki is playing on Fri 28th May with and supported by Chris Conway
at the Cheshunt Classic Rock Club, Cheshunt Football Club, Theobalds Lane, Cheshunt Herts, EN8 8RU

January 2010
Chris Conway 20th Anniversary Concert .Chris Conway 20th Anniversary Concert
Vikki guests with Chris Conway at his 20th Anniversary Concert
celebrating his 20 years in show business at The Musician in Leicester. She sang CCs Ten Years and I Want Something backed by CC and his band - and harmonised on Coming In To Land. You can hear the results on an album Chris Conway In Concert Volume 1 - The concert was filmed and a DVD is planned for release soon.

September 09
Vikki played a solo set at on the main stage at
Weyfest 09

September 08
No Vikki hasn't gone to NZ yet.
She will be playing with Chris Conway & Dan Britton at Weyfest near Farnham on Sat 6th Sept.

May 08
Big news -
some of you may have heard thru the grapevine that Vikki is plannig to emmigrate to New Zealand - she just needs to sell her house and she is off. She says she's sure to pop back and play now and then.

Vikki played a series of gigs in April with Chris Conway...
Vikki Clayton & Chris Conway VC & CC @ The Muzo
1. Farewell to Leicester gig at The Musician

This was a very special gig - Chris Conway opened and began weaving songs and stories about Vikki. Vikki then played a solo set carrying on in the same vein choosing songs from periods of her life and telling stories, before Chris joined her in thje second set. A wonderful crowd, a great gig and a wonderful emoptional vibe.

Vikki Clayton & Chris Conway Vikki & CC recreating the cover of the Mastermind game box
2. Loughborough Town Hall

Vikki & Chris played on a warm spring afternoon int he grand ballroom of Loughborough Town Hall, Vikki played the whole set on the mayoral throne :-) About 100 came and again Chris & Vikki spun songs and stories to an appreciative audience

Vikki Clayton & Chris Conway Vikki C & CC backstage
3. Sandy Denny Anniversary Tribute - The Troubadour, London

Christo played with Vikki Clayton at a Sandy Denny Anniversary Tribute Concert at the historic Troubadour venue in London marking the 30th anniversary of Sandy Denny's death. VC & CC played Solo, Old Fashioned Watlz and John the Gun . Also on the bill and playing together with CC & Vikki for the final song I'm ADreamer were Martin Carthy, Linde Nijland, Kamila Thompson and band , Lisa Knapp. Linda Thompson led a discussion about Sandy Denny with Karl Dallas & Joe Boyd. See more of Christo's backstage photos

October 07
1. Vikki played a solo set and jined with Chris Conway & Dan Britton on their set at this year's Weyfest in Surrey in September. It was the 1st time in ages. Great fun was had and Vikki enjoyed meeting lots of old chums including Ric Sanders who was also there with hsi band.

2. for those who didn't see Vikki at Cropredy this year - you can see her on youtube here

Vikki 's Photo Album
Vikki guests on Chris Conway's 20th Anniversary Concert - The Musician, Leicester - Dec 09 - photos by G

Chris Conway 20th Anniversary Concert .Chris Conway 20th Anniversary Concert

Sandy Denny Anniversary Tribute Concert @ The Troubadour, London - April 2008
CC with Vikki Clayton backstage

Vikki Clayton & Chris Conway

Vikki Clayton & Christo (recreate the box of Mastermind board game) - Loughborough Town Hall, April 2008

Vikki Clayton & Chris Conway

Vikki Clayton Farewell to Leicester gig & CC solo support - Mar 2008 - photos by Jayne Carter


. .
.Vikki Clayton & Chris Conway

Loughborough Folk Festival - Oct 06 - thanks to Pete Burnham for the photos.
To view a photo better click on photo which will take you Filckr where there are more photos in the series

Picture 008 Picture 007 Picture 010

Vikki Clayton Band & friends - Welton Le Wold, Lincolnshire
Neil Segrott, Chris Conway and joined for some numbers by Jack & Micky Broadbent father and son

Vikki Clayton & Christo - Folk Plus Folk Club, Littleton Arms, Walsall - April '05

Christo & Vikki Clayton - Gloosten Village Hall, June '04 - thanks to Jeff for photos

the dynamic duo in action again for the 1st time in over a year - here are the live shots and one snap desperately mugging for the camera afterwards

- Vikki Clayton album launch
at Cropredy Church 2001 pictured here with with Chris Conway & Fred T Baker photos Chris Bates

Cropredy 98
backstage after Cropredy 98
(clockwise from top left)- Clive Bunker, Chris Conway, Rob Foster, Neil Segrott, Vikki, Fred Baker,  Birgit Schelhorn, Fred Baker, . - photo John Gillchrist

Vikki - Cropredy '98 - John Gillchrist

Signing CDs after Cropredy 98 - photo James Aldridge

Vikki - in the studio
The Limelight Club, Crewe - Sept 98 - Stonking photo of a stonking gig -  - photo Ken Rutherford

Castlemilk Folk Festival in Glasgow - photo Jimmy Stirling
Vikki & Chris Conway - photo Shaun McDermott