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Chris Conway Deep Space Love album

announcement - welcome


Three Headed Girl


Love Space Station - featuring Lorraine Bowen
Monkeys On The Moon
Zonky Ponky
Out Of This World
Replicator Malfunction Blues
announcment - undead & immortals
Death To The Immortals (Killing Friends Is Fun)
Superheroes Never Die
Vegetarian Vampire
announcement - filk convention
Orbital Filk Recording Studio
Burn The Heretic Fen
The Fish Song (Live)
Circle Of One
announcement - farewell

Chris Conway -
vocals, keyboards, guitars, theremin, bombarde, Irish whistles, drum loops, bodhran, kalimba, percussion
Lorraine Bowen - vocals - 3
Georgina Sear - vocals - 2
Zorpinda Zorpin - electronics, vocals - 6
2t0nic Filk Convention audience - vocals - 16

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Chris Conway
Songs of aliens & space, immortals & the undead, filkers & fen.
Welcome aboard Deep Space Love space station - action takes place on 3 levels
. Musically there are more as genres include singer-songwriter, bossa nova, jazz, blues, rock, world music and more...

I have always loved space stations - not the real ones which are smelly tin cans by all accounts but those in fiction - Deep Space 9, Solaris, etc... In fact when I travel i always choose to stay in hotels which most resemble space stations, so it seemed a good idea to base an album on one.

I found that the songs fitted nicely(ish) into 3 catagories - Aliens & Space, Immortailty & The Undead, Filk & Fandom - so adding the announcements to break the sections up (I love interludes, as you know) seemed a must.


Filk = folk music of the sci-fi/fantasy fan community - about sci-fi & fantasy, yes, but also computers, cats, etc.
Con = short for convention
Fen = plural of fan.
Downers = oses
Oses = filkish word for sad songs (from the word morose)
Zonky Ponky = ? (ask the mystic on Betelguese 3.)
Fish = Hatstand

After writing a couple of space songs some years ago, I was told by a friend who heard them that I was a filker. I went to my first filk convention in 2000 at Milton Keynes and have since been invited to play at filk cons in Atlanta, Toronto, California, Pittsburgh, Columbus and Bromsgrove - and this year to Germany..

I released a filkish albums Live! , recorded at 2 filk cons, and Alien Salad Abduction. Songs on sci-fi themes have crept into some of my song albums and concerts over the years and this album collects some old and new. Lately I have become fond of spacey lounge electro bossa-novas and some are on this album.

I am thrilled to be joined by the lovely Lorraine Bowen - star of tv, stage, radio, and the internet, and no stranger to space songs or bossa novas herself.

Love Space Station

Three Headed Girl

The Gentle People, Lorraine Bowen, Peter Paul & Mary, John Sebastian, Jimmy Buffett, Jefferson Starship, Marcos Valle, Tom Pacheco, Tom Lehrer, Flanders & Swan, Dean Friedman, Alan Stivell, Country Joe McDonald, David Crosby,Alice Cooper, Richie Havens, The Free Design. Arthur Brown.

Live versions have been released - Replicator Malfunction Blues was released on Live! and Three Headed Girl was released on Live & Peace & Outer Space.

Circle Of One, Orbital Filk Recording Studio, The Fish Song have won Sam Awards at UK Filk Conventions - the former for best serious song, and the latter 2 for best silly song.

Love Space Station/Vehetarian Vampire & Superheroes Never Die were all new songs written for the album. The other songs were from the vaults awaiting recording apart Replicator Malfunction Blues & Three Headed Girl which were released on live albums.

CC's fave track - Love Space Station

Here's something of an interstellar curate's egg. Deep Space Love is a collection of songs about aliens and space, immortality and the undead, and the Big Bang Theory world of science fiction fandom. Sure to go down well on the sci-fi and fantasy convention circuit whereon Conway is a familiar figure, for the general listener Deep Space Love is likely to prove a somewhat puzzling experience. However, the gorgeous harmonies and classic pure pop of Love Space Station donot require a universal translator and might easily top the charts throughout the galaxy.

As is invariably the way with Leicester-based Conway's recordings, Deep Space Love is beautifully arranged and produced and, in it's subject matter, imaginatively realised. One never knows what to expect of the man, and if the album isn't quite your Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, then you can always move on to the next of the prolific American musician's efforts which will be along any time now.

- David White - R2 Magazine


The American Chris Conway now lives in England and is a traveler between the genres. The multi-instrumentalist and composer moves between jazz, world music fusion, New Age & Ambient, Celtic, electronics and filk (something like science fiction folk), reading on his homepage.
The concept album is divided into three sections, are announced each with an electronically distorted voice. So this computer voice welcomes the listener to aliens & space , added six songs of Conway alone. He plays keyboards, guitar, theremin, percussion and drum loops and is supported vocally the up-beat pop song "Three headed girl" by Georgina Sear. The British singer / songwriter Lorraine Bowen sings a duet with Conway at the romantic "Love Space Station" and Zorpinda Zorpin enchanted "Out of this world" with electric sound and their beautiful backing vocals, the ambience is trendy and jazzy.
The familiar computer voice introduces us to immortility & the undead one, of the three songs like "Death to the Immortals" with its cool rousing jazz-pop groove best.
Then you go to filk convention, filk & fandom , added five more original compositions alone. "Burn the heretic fen" is probably the folkyest song, Bombarde, marching drums and multi-track recorded chanting. On the live recording of "The Fish Song" the entertainer brings the audience to sing along loudly with the guitar, laugh and join in.
Chris Conway is a prolific composer and musician, countless recordings can be found on his website. For my taste, the music is too mainstream.
© Adolf "gorhand" Goriup - Folk World
track by track
Chris Conway

Lorraine Bowen
Lorraine Bowen
1. announcement - welcome
Docking, and welcome announcement and some basics on where to find the basics on the space station.
2. Three Headed Girl
I have been singing this for a while and released a live version on my Live & Peace & Outer Space album, but I always fancied a studio version with all the trimmings.
3. Love Space Station
I've always loved space stations - the fictional ones. When i go on holiday I always try and stay in a hotel that most resembles a space station.
It was so cool to get Lorraine Bowen singign on this song as I'm sure one of her songs "Julie Christie" inspired the music. She was amazing and submitted added 9 vocal overdubs!

4. Monkeys On The Moon
This song was originally on a charity album for Monkey World monkey sanctuary. I redid the piano and it was necessary to update the song. When I wrote it George W Bush was the US President and there were several websites comparing him to a monkey which was quite cool. However comparing America's first black president when Obama was elected
was not cool so I changed to line about the monkey from "Now he is the president of the USA" to "He used to be..."

5. Zonky Ponky
Zonky Ponky was a word that came to me in a dream. The song came to me staright after. No euphemism is intended, it is just an enigma. Rare for me to write such a rock song but I wrote it a few days after seeing Alice Cooper in concert.
6. Out Of This World
An old song from about 2000 that I never sung. It was probably waiting til I got into electro bossas because it so suits it. It's about the troubles of dating an alien... We've all been there, right?

7. Replicator Malfunction Blues
This Deep Space 9 song was recorded forst on my Live! album

8. announcement - undead & immortals
Instructions for the mortality challenged...

9. Death To The Immortals (Killing Friends Is Fun)
Several filk chums are mentioned in this song as I kill them off (temporarily). Debbie, Allison & Jodi are from the group Urban Tapestry. Also mentioned is group Lady Mondegreen, and my beer loving chum Bill Sutton.

10. Superheroes Never Die
This started as a song about aging superheroes and ended up also being about how we view the elderly. If you were 40 when the Sex Pistols first single came out you'd be 77 now - 40 at Woodstock, and you'd be 84 now... The astronauts are all elderly. The elderly are often not what we assume...

11. Vegetarian Vampire
Another bossa - and why not? The basic idea came to me once again in a dream and is not unique, I know. I got a bit carried away with the flute interlude and outro...

12. announcement - filk convention
Where the final filk circle is...

13. Orbital Filk Recording Studio
Apologies for mnay filkish in-jokes including filk chums. I hope the song can be enjoyed without knowing those involved. Those mentioned include... Ookla The Mok, Urban Tapestry Leslie Fish, Zander Nyrond, Steve MacDonald Three Weird Sisters, Bill Sutton. N'early Music Consort, Valerie Housden, Katy & Yooh, Paul Bristow,

14. Downers
Something of an oddity for me - in the style of Tom Lehrer or Flanders & Swan...

15. Burn The Heretic Fen
Fen = a fandom word for fans. I count myself as a sci-fi, etc fan - but then i realised there were many big things I didn't like or never got - Star Wars, Harry Potter, Buffy, Lord Of The Rings all left me cold. Luckily fandom is a tolerant church, but I imagined a fandom that was not...

16. The Fish Song (Live)
Recorded at 2t0nic UK Filk Convention. This had to be recorded live. I actually fused 2 live recordings, one where I was better recorded and one where the audience were.

17. Circle Of One
I noticed on the internet that things went quiet online when there was a big filk convention...
18. announcement - farewell
Come again soon - we love you!

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Deep Space Love - Chris Conway

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Chris Conway Deep Space Love album

lyrics - all lyrics ©2013 Chris Conway
1. announcement - welcome
Docking clamps released. Welcome to Deep Space Love Space Station. There are food outlets on the Promenade. Replicators are available in your quarters. Enjoy your stay. The price of admission ... is love

CC - voices, electronics, keyboards, drum loops

2. Three Headed Girl
1. Well I'm happy to tell you all that I've got a new girl
And I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that she's out of this world
There's one thing you might've noticed if I hadn't've told ya
She's got 3 heads, 1 perched on each shoulder

She's my 3 headed girl,
She's my alien girl
She's my 3 headed and she means the whole world to me
She's my 3 headed girl
She's my alien girl
And together we're living in perfect 4 part harmony

2. When I first met her she was walking down the road
She greeted me sweetly with a cheery, "Hello", "Hello", "Hello"
And when we first started dating it was a little intricate
But I pretty soon learned to give out my kisses in triplicate


3. When we have a disagreement it isn't problematic
Coz on her insistence we're always democratic
So whenever we argue although she is devoted
She'll hear me out but I always get outvoted 3 to 1 !!!


Left head is a scientist, middle head takes to the arts.
Right head's not academic but she's got all kind of streetwise smarts
And if I have a problem and I don't know what's to be done
She'll come to me and says "Let me help, coz 4 heads are better than 1.”

4. She'll never get lonely when I leave her on her own
But she spends a fortune on hats and mobile phones chatter chatter etc…
She really loves singing and I'd be willing to bet
That we're the only duo barbershop quartet - barbershop quaaaaartet


5. Well years have gone by and we're married and we have a child
A beautiful girl and she makes all 4 of us smile
But I can see your curiosity
You're thinking “How many heads has she got, does she take after my alien lady or me?”

3 headed girl, 3 headed girl - My half alien girl - half alien girl
She's my 3 headed girl and she means the whole world to me - 3 headed 3 headed 3 headed girl
I got two 3 headed girls, 3 headed girls,
They're my alien girls - alien girls
And together we're living in perfect 7 part harmony

CC - vocals, acoustic & electric 9 string guitar, keyboards, drum loops, percussion
Georgina Sear - vocals

3. Love Space Station
We love to be in our Love Space Station,
You and me and the cosmic generation with our
True hearts, one mind,
Lets keep orbiting forever, while the universe unwinds.

We love our filtered air and our artificial light,
And the air temperature is always just right,
Through the window there's a tropical planet below,
We could visit if we want but no one ever wants to go because...


We've got replicated dinner and our hydroponic flowers
In our own private quarters with our sonic showers
We've got everything we need, so life is never so hard,
Just drifting around the promenade, because


The crew comes from all over the galaxy,
There are even shapeshifters like you and me
We've got our own little piece of heaven above
And everybody's feeling the
Deep space loooove

The turbolifts all seem to know where it is we want to go,
And it's taken us down to a holodeck show.
You ask me where in the universe I want to be,
And I look to you and realise that we both agree, that


Lets keep orbiting forever, while the universe unwinds.

CC - vocals, keyboards, nylon string guitar, theremin, drum loops
Lorraine Bowen - vocals

4. Monkeys On The Moon
1. In the very early days of the old space race
America and Russia sent some monkeys into space
They looked back at the Earth and with confidence growing
Some smart ones hit some buttons and kept on going !

There are monkeys on the moon
Seven chimps and a baboon
Send us a message every June
Saying, “Thanks for all the flags, and that groovy lunar rover
Come and visit us again real soon”

So how did they breathe? – well they just kind of adapted
They lived of the fruit from the seeds that they planted
Now some eat lunar bananas and some eat lunar grapes
Together they have made themselves a planet of the apes


When man landed on the moon the monkeys watched us out of sight
Hidden inside a crater
They watched us play some golf and collect some rocks
Then leave just a few days later
They really, really, really want us to go back
They’ve offered us some moon rock - they know we love that!
They’re holding a golf tournament and to get us to come
There’s a big moonrock prize for a crater-in-one

They evolved really fast – they learned to walk upright
They learned to talk, but truth is they’re still not all that bright
But they visited Earth in monkey ships and one even stayed
In fact it used to be the President of the USA!

But there are still monkeys on the moon
Six chimps and a baboon
Send us a message every June
Saying “Thanks for all the flags, and that groovy lunar rover
Come and visit us again real soon
Saying “Thanks for all the flags, (maybe a different colour next time?)
Come and visit us again real soon

CC - vocals, piano, acoustic 9 string guitar, theremin, finger snaps

5. Zonky Ponky
1. I've been looking for the answer
For the meaning and the cause of all
Twenty years and I'm still searching
So many times I hit a brick wall
I went out to see the mystic
On the mountains of Betelguese 3
I asked him about the meaning of life
This is what he said to me

Everybody gotta zonky ponky
Everbody gotta gotta zonky ponky ponk
Don't be a dope, dont be a donkey
Zonky ponky ponkin all night long

2. I was a little bit disappointed
I didn't know what he was talking about
Even if it took another 20 years
I knew that I had to find out
I went to all the seats of learning
I went to the British Library
In a dusty tome under zonky ponk it said
“Ask the mystic on Betelguese 3” who says


3. When I went back to see the mystic
He said just sing it loud and strong
I said “I just don't know what it means”, he said
“If you don't know, you've been doing it wrong!”
In my startship on my way home
I sat down and I wrote this song
Sang it a couple of times and realised that
I've been Zonky Ponkin all along

All night long, all night long
Zonky Ponkin all night long

CC - vocals, electric & acoustic 9 string guitar, keyboards, theremin, drums loops, percussion


6. Out Of This World
You came to me from a new dimension
We could only see each other from head on
But we would meet in overlapping intersections
Which never seemed to last too long
But a light in our eyes made us linger
Like the shimmer of a pearl
And by that light, I knew one night, you're
Out of this world
Out of this world

2. You didn't catch too much of my meaning
I couldn't catch much of yours
But we knew there was no concealing
That we'd both been through the wars
And maybe that fact made us linger
And a little lost boy and a little lost girl
No longer alone finding some kind of home
Out of this world
Out of this world

3. When you came to visit my homeworld
You always felt that you had to leave
And when I touched down on your home town
I found to my surprise I couldn't breath
But even then we lingered
When the flag of truth was unfurled
Then one day I saw you drifting away, and
Out of this world
Out of this world

We used the same words
But they triggered
Different images in your mind than mine
And framed by the people we were
The two pictures, the two worlds
Never could combine

4. So communication lines were broken
When our bubbles pulled apart
Though we left so much unspoken
I still hear your words in my heart
And somehow they seem to linger
Where coloured lights and insense swirls
I don't know when I'll find you again - coz you're
Out of this world
Out of this world
Out of this world …

CC - vocals, keyboards, nylon string guitar, drum loops, percussion
Zorpinda Zorpin - electronics, vocals

7. Replicator Malfunction Blues
I got the replicator malfunction blues
It messes up whatever I choose
Chief come and fix it and don't be late
We never had this trouble on Deep Space 8
It's driving me crazy, and I'm losing weight
And I got those replicator malfunction blues

1. Bacon and chocolate sundae served on a CD by Bach
There's tribble giblets in my coffee, there's tofu in my G'aach
But the worst thing of all is a McDonalds Big Mac(cchhhh…)
Why did this have to happen to me ?
There's Romulan ale in my Earl Grey tea

I got those replicator malfunction blues
It messes up whatever I choose
Chief come and fix it and don't be late
We never had this trouble on Deep Space 8
It's driving me crazy, and I've got a hot date
And I got those replicator malfunction blues

2. Kira's due for dinner at a quarter to nine
And I've got Andoran antennae in a pool of blood wine
With Victoria sponge soaked in turpentine
I could always ask Rom, but what does he know?
Goddammn! theres a squid in my Ractogino !!

I got those replicator malfunction blues
It messes up whatever I choose
Chief come and fix it and don't be late
We never had this trouble on Deep Space 8
As if I didnlt have enough on my plate
And I got those replicator malfunction blues

Everything it makes is pretty evil looking
It's enough to drive an ensign to taking up cooking
But even that would be no use to me
I can't even replicate a recipe

3. Somebody free me from a cullinary hell
My friends say my quarters are starting to smell
And to be perfectly frank - I'm not feeling too well
I try each random serving suggestion
I'm sick or I'm poisoned or get indigestion

I got those replicator malfunction blues
It messes up whatever I choose
Chief come and fix it and don't be late
We never had this trouble on Deep Space 8
I'm in deep disagreement with something I ate
And I got those replicator malfunction blues

CC - vocals, piano, electric 9 string guitars, piano, electronics, drum programming, percussion

8. announcement - undead & immortals
Information - The undead will be most comfortable on Habitat Ring 4, which is furthest from the sun. There will be a Holodeck program in Holosuite 12 especially for the immortals, with safety protocols removed

CC - voices, electronics, keyboards, drum loops

9. Death To the Immortals (Killing Friends Is Fun)
1. The first time I killed Debbie, twas just a bit of fun
To keep things nice and simple, I only used a gun
Afterward she told me that it caused her no real strife
In fact she said it simplified some aspects of her life

2. The second time I killed Debbie, twas just a small faux pas
She'd gone to have a nap behind the back wheels of my car
I only truly found out when I pulled into reverse
Her final words this time were "Well I guess it could've been worse"

So death to the immortals! No matter where or why,
Some friendships last forever - no matter how hard you try!

3. The third time I killed Debbie she'd started to get wise
I had to turn to subterfuge, to cunning and disguise
Just when she thought I'd put a bomb inside her tamaguchi
When she threw it out, I put some putting strychnine in her sushi

4. The fourth time I tried to kill Debbie, she tried to kill me first
And when we were too tired to find out who had come off worst
We realised that neither one desired the other dead
And, so as not to spoil our fun, we killed Allison instead


When you’re indestructible, you're always on the run,
I know it may seem pointless, but killing friends is fun!!!

5. We three then turned on Jodi and tickled her to death
Such a joy to see such mirth upon a final breath
The four of us split up, just like they do upon the screen,
Then we slay the Earl of Moray and Lady Mondegreen

6. In killing our friend Bill we just put cyanide in his beer,
We knew he would suspect that, but we really had no fear.
We even tried to warn him we said “Bill ! It’s Poisoned ! Stop!”
Bill said “Tis shame to waste good ale” and drank to the last drop


7. Then we drenched the sound tech crew during an ovation.
Electricity and water – such a shocking combination
We all then did embark upon a frenzied killing spree
That didn't stop til we'd bumped off all humanity!

8. The first time that I killed myself I guess I was quite bored.
But a thousand volts on my guitar strings really struck a chord!
The men who wrote that famous song should really change the words
Suicide is not painless - it really, really hurts!!!

So death to the immortals! No matter where or why,
Some friendships last forever - So never say die

CC - vocals, piano, nylon string guitars, drum loops, percussion

10 Superheroes Never Die
1. Superman has given up the fight
It didn't even take any Kryptonite
Lois Lane just up and went
Left him for the spitting image of Clark Kent
No longer mistaken for birds and planes
He flies tourist class or catches trains
Some habits still hang on from his youth
He still changes his clothes in a telephone booth

Superheroes never die, they only fade away
They tried to save the future, but the future was yesterday
Superheroes fade away but they never quit the scene
Next time you see an old woman or man
Think about who they might have been.

2. Batman retired and hung up all his capes
No more KAPOW or last minute escapes
No more damsels screaming “Help, Batman, free us!”
The Batmobile was traded in for a Prius
Robin Boy Wonder ran away
Now he runs a gay bar in San Jose,
But Penguin and Joker come to the Batcave,
Every Friday night for the poker game.


So don't make any assumptions
Don't you judge too soon
They might've been a teen idol
Or written your favourite tune
They might've danced naked at Woodstock
They might've landed on the moon
They might've been somebody just like me.
Or just …. just like you.

3. You wont recognise Wonder Woman today
She sold her costume to a lap dancer from LA
But she still transforms with a swooshing sound
Becomes a school traffic guard by spinning around
She wears the tiara once a week
On Saturday nights dancing cheek to cheek
Beside Green Lantern it sparkles bright
At the super senior citizen's ballroom nights


CC - vocals, acoustic 9 string guitar, keyboards, drum programming, percussion

11. Vegetarian Vampire
I'm a vegetarian vampire.
Your tender neck
Is perfectly safe with me
My eyes may still burn with fire
But I haven't tasted blood
In over a century

1. I gave up blood many years ago.
It was weighing heavy on my mind
Got tired of stalking in the rain and snow
And virgins were getting pretty hard to find.


2. I knew I had to try and break loose
My blood bank account had gone into the red.
Now I drink gallons of tomato juice
I'm the healthiest member of the living dead


It depresses the hell out of my old dad,
But the whole world has gone vegetarian mad,
And I'm having the best time that I ever had,
I've got my own TV show Cook Veggie With Vlad.

3. No more Nosferatu at the dead of night
We've got a new image and our future's rosy
Don't like the vampires on Twilight
But I guess we can't all be Bela Lugosi

4. So one more drink, set em up Joe
Give me just one more Bloody Mary
Just how far can this thing go?
Should I try to give up dairy?


CC - vocals, nylon string guitar, keynoards, low Irish whistle, drum loops, percussion

12. announcement - filk convention
Filkers & fen attending Lovecon 27 - gather in Harry's Bar on the Promenade for the Dead Alien Filk Circle.

CC - voices, electronics, keyboards, drum loops

13. Orbiting Filk Recording Studio
I'm the engineer on the first orbiting filk recording studio.
As we orbit around I record the sounds of the filkers as they come and go.
Come and go..,

1. Into space dock comes Ookla the Mok, those guys never miss a trick.
They're recording with a new percussionist, he's a monkey with a hockey stick.
In studio 3 Urban Tapestry sing how they like chocolate and sex.
I can offer them one, but as to the other, I don't thing that I've got any left !

2. And just like a wish here's Leslie Fish and she's singing with a Nyrond called Zander
Accompanied by the "iy yi yi" from the ghost of Carmen Miranda
Stevie wants to record every voice on Earth, and his song would melt a heart of granite
To save some time, we'll stick the mikes outside and, in one go, record the whole damn planet


3. Weird sisters 3 will record a cd - we'll be finished just an hour down the line
I know it wont take any longer coz they always get it rite the 1st time.
Bill I know has got his own studio so it was hard to get him up here
But now he's here every night when I turn out the lights since my bar stocked English beer

4. The n'Early Music Consort have just beamed in, so I'd better set some mikes up rapido !
While my android takes their order for ale and 25 Photon Torpedos
It's great to see our Valerie and she could't get any keener
And she said to me, she's thrilled to be following in the footsteps of Valentina.


As it's my place and there was some space last night I recorded a ballad.
Then to chill I was going to have dinner but alien jellyfish stole my salad
Of all the mysteries in this world I would gladly give a reward
To someone who'll tell me why the best music happens when I forget to press record !!!! arrghh!!!

5. Strange but true, here's Katy and Yooh so I'm ready for some crazy trips
I'm not being funny but they must have money coz they travelled here in a thousand ships
But the ships are full of German fen, and the ghost of Ricardo Montalban,
And for their own mysterious purposes they've kidnapped Oliver Khan

6. In studio 1 Phoenix are having fun, that's a band that's hard to record.
With their amps all turned to 11, and swapping instruments every chord
Paul is a Dr Who fan for years and has been rewarded for his persistence.
He's singing with a choir made up entirely of female Doctor's assistants

chorus x2

CC - vocals, electric & acoustic 9 string guitar, keyboards, drum loops, percussion

14. Downers
1. I'm really OK, things are going quite well
My relationship's stable as far as I can tell
I cannot complain, I'm brimming with health
How can all this be true when
I'm writing downers again?

2. I'm feeling inspired, I pick up my guitar
Somehow minor chords never seem to be far
From my fingers and sad lyrics come from afar
I put them to paper and then
I'm writing downers again

3. I feel a happy vibe, but I know of course it
Wont be long but I know that I want to endorse it
With song, but I know that you really can't force it
It's all too late because then
I'm writing downers again

I change to the major key and try to sound jolly
And then change my mind coz I sound like a wally
So I put the song back in my musical fridge
And I say to myself, "Well, I've finished the bridge"

4. I'll pick up this song when I feel like a wallow
In deepest dispair or in grief or in sorrow
And maybe next week, or maybe tomorrow
I can look forward to when
Will a happy song some to my pen?
Or will I be writing downers again...

CC - vocals, nylon string guitar, keyboards

15. Burn The Heretic Fen
1. I never did like Lord of the Rings no matter how hard I try
Walking and fighting and walking and fighting and walking I could cry
And what a lot of bother over such a little ring
But when I tell my friends they point at me and loudly sing…

Burn the heretic fen, boys, burn the heretic fen
Lock them up and tie them down and make them think again
And if they do not realise what makes the thing a gem
Burn the heretic, Burn the heretic, Burn the heretic fen

2. I never did like Harry Potter, to me it’s just not cool
Kids learning magic in a ponsy private school
I tried the book I tried the film I tried the DVD
But when I tell my friends it’s garbage they all round on me


3. I never did like Star Wars, it’s samurai in space
And Yoda “he no grammer has” the stupid Muppet face
With cardboard cut out characters and fights just make me snore
My friends say a)you are just wrong and b)you’re becoming a bore


4. I didn't like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, it really vexed me so
It’s just a vampire Beverly Hills 90210
They tried in vain with Englishman to add a little class
But when I tell my friends it’s bad they all say “Burn his ass!”


5. I really liked a show called Lexx, the one with the guy that’s dead
And Captain Stanley Tweedle, a love slave and a robot head
And when I tell my friends about how much I like the show
They shake their heads in unison and say “no no no no”

CC - vocals, bodhran, bombarde, keyboards, kalimba, drum loops

16. The Fish Song (Live)
1. If you need somewhere to hang your hat
Or to prop your baseball bat
Or hide your dinner from your cat
A hatstand does all that

I'm the hatstand man, the hatstand man,

A one a penny tow a penny hatstand man
In the land of the hatstand fat man clan
A hatstand hatstand man

2. I call my hatstand Arabella
That's where I hang my umbrella
It;s my girlfriend's but don't tell her
Or she'll find another fella


3. In space what is the hatstand's fate?
It doesn't work where there's no weight
In fact when it is in this state
It may as well be a FISH!



CC - vocals, acoustic 9 string guitar
2t0nic Filk Convention Audience - vocals

17. Circle Of One
Its Saturday night on the internet
My inbox is empty, Filkhaven's dead
And Facebook and Livejournal are emptier yet
Either everyone's murdered or its a safe bet - that

Everyone's gone to the filk con.
Is it Filkcontinental or FKO?
And I hadn't the time or the money to go
And I'm sitting here having no fun
In a circle of one

I'm surfing the web and I find something great
That makes me chuckle, or consider my fate
And I'm wanting to share it, but guess I'm too late
For I look at the screen and I see by the date - that


I can picture them sitting in circles til three
Singing songs about aliens or cups of tea
Ashen faces at breakfast, “Last night – did you see?”
I'm thinking of you, are you thinking of me? - coz


So I'm feeling sadder with each word I type
But - hang on a minute! - there's a ring on the Skype!
Someone's singing a song in a voice clear and ripe
And I'm singing along as a teardrop I wipe - coz

Not everyone's gone to the filk con
Not to Filkcontinental or FKO
Not to Consonance Confluence, OVFF
UK Con, Gafilk, or DFDF
Or some other convention that I don't know
And they hadn't the time or the money to go
And I'm sitting here, not quite so blue
In a circle of two.

CC - vocals, piano, keyboards

18. announcement - farewell
We are sorry you have to leave Deep Space Love Space Station. Docking clamps released. Come back soon. We love you.

CC - voices, electronics, keyboards, drum loops
love & peace & outer space