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Chris Conway & The Talking Fish - Live
Chris Conway & The Talking Fish Live


Introduction - Welcome


Speak to Us of Freedom


I Dont Know
Introduction - The Vague Plan
Andromeda Bound/City Breakdown
Moondance (CD only)
To the Four Winds

Chris Conway -
vocals, acoustic 9 string guitar, keyboards, synthbox, theremin, kalimba, low whistle, fx
The Talking Fish
Debbie Robinson - vocals, percussion
Mick Oxtoby - electric violin , fx
David Graham - tenor sax, clarinet
Andy Fitzsimons - congas, percussion
Paul Barnes - drums

Chris Conway & The Taloking Fish Live back

Chris Conway & The Talking Fish
It happened one night...
A great psychedelic concert of songs with jams and electronic ambient interludes.

This really was a one-off concert. CC rang various cohorts from his jazz and acoustic song genres who came together to celebrate his more cosmic songs that don't often feature in his live sets.

Blending the electronic moments with the songs and the extended jamming with a great set of musicians made this such a special concert. The 20minute psychedelic jam of Andromeda Bound/City Breakdaown with electronic jamming passages is truly epic!.

A record of a great night.

David Crosby, Buffy Sainte-Marie, John Sebastian, Alan Stivell, Dan Ar Braz, Jesse Colin Young, Van Morrison

The band play songs from My Minds Island, Alien Salad Abduction and Earth Rising albums

This is the only time the Talking Fish played in this format - a few regulars were unavailble so CC called in Paul Barnes and David Graham who basically winged it - great job guys! It is also the only live release with The Talking Fish.

The download version does not include Moondance but it is a FREE download.

CC's fave track -Andromeda Bound/City Breakdown

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