Chris Conway & Dan Britton

Chris Conway & Dan Britton

Chris Conway and Dan Britton are a powerful combination demonstrated to anyone who has caught them live, and on their 3 albums Just Be Real on A New Day Records, Live, and Safe Harbour on Oblong Music, and their Live In Edinburgh DVD.

Chis Conway is best known as the multi-instrumental wizard in the Vikki Clayton Band. He has worked with members of Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention, Talvin Singh and toured with Monkee Peter Tork. He has made 8 songs albums, several acclaimed in Q Magazine, Mojo, and Time Out.

Dan Britton has played with Jackie Leven and Cathy Lesurf and has supported the likes of the Saw Doctors and Dick Gaughan. He has released several nationally acclaimed albums and featured on Radio 2 as lead singer with the Katy Lied project. A passionate performer, his powerful voice and stage presence immediately attracts attention.

Together they have toured the UK, supported Bob Geldof. Frances Black, Jefferson Starship, Country Joe McDonald, and Roy Wood.

As well as their song sets, they also are part of Celtic band Govannen.

Blending American and Celtic styles, and between them playing guitars, flutes and whistles, keyboards, bodhran, kalimbas as well as their fantastically strong vocals, they have the unique ability to sound like a full band. They rock!
Both are strong singers, considerably talented songwriters and excellent musicians so it's hardly surprising that the self-penned material is of typically high quality.
Rock n Reel Magazine

...good gutsy contemporary songwriting, and the arrangements that Dan and Chris have come up with here are very skilled, making good use of interplay between acoustic and electric timbres.
I was particularly impressed with imaginative and dramatic new version of Matty Groves that has everything going for it - real passion in the vocal, intriguing use of different instrumental textures and musical influences without it ever seeming either contrived or merely clever.

Traditional Music Maker Magazine

...crisp, clean, with a fine top edge and performed with bags of conviction. You can almost feel the enjoyment they doubtlessly experienced whilst recording every track freely and obviously, with these two guys, very tight, melodic and rhythmic precision.
Sounds Alive Magazine

Chris Conway and Dan Brittonn had their own inner glow.. Their own songs really held me, in particular Britton's Wish and Conway's extraordinary Carousel.
Frances Black Homepage

The Albums click on covers for more info
Chris Conway & Dan Britton Safe Harbour

The Storm


Surprise Me


Song For Eric
Leaf Boat Dreams
Where Will You Be?
The Wishing Tree
The Ballad Of The Brittons
Train Of Thought
Three Fishers
Magical Rooms
West Country Traveller
Journey's End

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Matty Groves


On My Way


Through Your Eyes
Time To Talk
The Water Is Wide/
When Will We Be Married?
Dreaming For The People
Magical Time
The Sally Gardens
theremin interlude* (CD only)
My Town
Deja Blues
Matty Grooves

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Call Of The Wild


Matty Groves
My Town
Morning Rain
Don't Count On Me
The Alien Jellyfish Song
Long Day's Waiting/Porth Ui Mhuirghaesa
Snow And The Fire
Just Be Real

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Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Just Be Real
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see also releases by... Govannen, Chris Conway, Dan Britton

Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Live in Edinburgh
Captured live on a sizzling summer afternoon - a 45 minute set from Chris & Dan as part of the Acoustic Underground at the Fringe with Edinburgh Castle as the backdrop.

Matty Groves
On My Way
When Will We Be Married/
Rainbow Real
The Alien Jellyfish Song
The Snow & the Fire/
The Healing Has Begun/
You Send Me

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PAL ; no region code ; 45mins

July 2017
30th Sun
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Simon Says...Festival, Leicester
August 2017
19th Sat
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - 40min set - Randall Rootz Festival, Charters Bar, Town Bridge Peterborough PE1 1FP
27th Sun
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - A New Day Festival, Faversham, Kent
September 2017
October 2017
28th Sat
Sally Barker + Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Burton Lazars Village Hall, Leicestershire
November 2017
4th Sat
Sally Barker + Chris Conway & Dan Britton - The Guildhall, Leicester
25th Sat
Sally Barker + Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Kettering Arts Centre
December 2017
2nd Sat
Sally Barker + Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Alstonefield Village Hall, Derbyshire

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31st July 2017
chris conway & dan britton @ simon says... festival
Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage and people playing musical instruments
Dan & I with percussionist Neil Rabjohn played a 45 minute set at Simon Says...Festival in Leicester.
It was our first at this kind of festival in quite a while but nerves settled in after a couple of songs. I got through the tricky Leaf Boat Dreams with no lyric lapses for the first time - Yay! We had great sound from our chum Neil Segrott. The set just seemed to breeze by. More photos when we get them.

Set - The Storm, Call Of The Wild, Song For Eric, Leaf Boat Dreams, When Will We Be Married?, The Alien Jellyfish Song, The Snow & The Fire.
3rd April 2017
safe harbour - great review!

Safe Harbour
Chris and Dan celebrate twenty-five years of working together, in Safe Harbour, the pair’s third album as a duo. They’ve also pursued active solo careers during that time, with Conway in particular a prolific songwriter, composer and recording artist across an array of styles, while both play in Celtic outfit, Govannen.

Safe Harbour, released on Conway’s own label, is a fine collection of songs – six from Conway and five from Britton. There’s also a cover of Charles Kingsley and Garnet Rogers’s ‘Three Fishers’, which references the 1838 Clovelly fishing disaster, as does opening track ‘The Storm’ from the pen of Britton, three of whose ancestors perished when twelve boats and twenty-six men left for the herring fishing grounds; only one vessel would return after a storm in the Bristol Channel.

Much of Britton’s material draws its strength from his West Country roots and personal experience (‘Song For Eric’ is about the death of a friend) while Conway’s reveals something of the musical and spiritual traveller. His near-seven-minutes-long ‘Magical Rooms’ is arguably the album’s standout track, reflecting on what makes him who he is and how he got there.

The entire album is a delight, though – satisfyingly rootsy in places (fiddles, mandolin, Irish whistles, bodhran, kalimba and more contributing to the overall mood) with a little jazzy piano here and there in the mix. Strong songs are graced by warm, mellow voices, often in ambitious arrangements, and all beautifully produced in Conway’s home studio. David White - R2 Magazine

24th November 2016
chris conway & dan britton - safe harbour - new release
Chris Conway & Dan Britton Safe Harbour

Studio album by singer songwriters & multi-instrumentalists Chris Conway & Dan Britton - their first duo studio album in 15 years!

Despite being very busy with Celtic band Govannen, Chris & Dan had never stopped playing concerts of their own songs in a duo, often augmented by Neil Rabjohn's percussion. But they never had the time to go back to the studio.

Sometime around the start of 2016, Dan had recorded a couple of songs with Chris about his family history which were put out on Youtube. Then they started to really enjoy the duo concerts. Somewhere along the line they decided to write some news songs, combine them with songs from their solo albums that were firm favourites in their live set, and record them. This they did here and there throughout 2016, with Chris adding more to the ones Dan had originally recorded. Then suddenly it was done.

Hear and hear about the album on the Safe Harbour Page

1st November 2016
christo & dan album - coming soon
Chris Conway & Dan Britton

Recording on the Chris Conway & Dan Britton album of their songs is finished. The album is mastered and is at the pressing plant. Check back here for more news of the album release - their first duo studio album for 15 years!!
Govannen chums Neil Rabjohn, Adele McMahon and Roger Wilson all appear on the album.

30th June 2016
studio news
Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ The Donkey

What a fab Christo & Dan gig at The Donkey. Our chum Andy Griffiths played a stunning opening songs set!
Dan & I tried a few new songs, with percussionist Neil Rabjohn. I took the big piano keyboard which felt different and probably the way to go for us now. A lovely listening crowd!
We sold some CDs too Thanks to Clare for the photos.

Set - Where Will You Be? Carousell, 1838, Journey's End, Song For Eric, Lifespell, Crazy Horse, Train Of Thought, Wish, The Alien Jellyfish Song, The Snow & The Fire

photos soon.

21st June 2016
chris conway & dan britton recording & concerts
chris conway dan britton

1. Chris Conway & Dan Britton album - 15 years after our first duo studio album it was time to do another :-) - work has begun in earnest and quite a few tracks have been recorded. The album will feature new songs and songs we have been playing together for quite a while.

2. We have been setting up some duo concerts - see the gig diary above. First up is June 30th at The Donkey Leicester with Andy Griffiths opening - £5
Click here for details

24th April 2016
chris conway & dan britton @ joules yard - gig report
Chris Conway & Dan Britton

 The CC & DB concert at Joules Yard, Market Harborough was a treat - Accompanied on percussion by Govannen chum Neil Rabjohn, there was a great sound and fab audience ona chilly night in April. Dan & I introduced a new song* each, and the old ones felt really fresh as we hadn't done a dynmamic duo set ina while. It was fab to see so many chums in the audience - thanks to all who came to see us. It certainly gave us the enthuisiasm to get on with recording a new album and get some more concerts.

Set 1 - Carousell/Long Time Gone, Song For Robbie*, Journey's End*, Purple Rain, I Put A Spell On You, Magical Time, On My Way, Matty Groves.

Set 2 - Wish, Train Of Thought, Crazy Horse, Long Days Waiting, When Will We Be Married, Call Of The Wild, The Snow And The Fire, The Alien Jellyfish Song - encore Helpless

14th September 2015
dan - new song
Govannen recording - Dan Britton

Dan has recorded a new song based on his family history. The Three Fishers is a song which has been adapted from a poem by Charles Kingsley about the loss at sea , in 1838, of 21 men from Clovelly, Devonshire including three of my Britton family members - James Britton and his two sons, John and James jnr.
Charles Kingsley lived in Clovelly at the time. He later went on to write Westward Ho! and The Water Babies.
The track was recorded with Chris Conway at his Aloft studio.

17th August 2015
2 songs gigs - reports

Christo & Dan concert report
13th Aug - Chris Conway & Dan Britton
- The Noels Arms, Melton Mowbray, Leics
A rare gig by the dynamic duo! Dan and CC have played together for over 20 years and the set doesn't change much, but we're so busy with Govannen we rarely get the chance to do our songs set and the songs always come out different. Neil Rabjohn joined us as usual on percussion and we had a great listening crowd and had a great time, playing and chatting between sets which veered from politics to Muppets...

Set 1 - Carousel/Long Time Gone, Song For Eric, Lifespell, Wish.
Set 2 - Matty Groves, Call Of The Wild, Return Of Crazy Horse, Train Of Thought, Deja Blues, Snow And The Fire - encore - The Alien Jellyfish Song.

Getting to know Chris & Dan...
Chris Conway & Dan Britton
Chris Conway
Dan Britton
Christo, CC, Uncle Chris
Spanners, The Wiz
where born
Ann Arbor, Michigan , USA
Bath, UK
first album bought
Santana - Caravanserei
The Goodies LP
biggest influence on songwriting
David Crosby
Mike Scott
best live gig seen
Kishori Amonkar - Kensington Town Hall,
London 2000
Waterboys, Rock City 1989
5 desert island discs
Terje Rypdal - Descendre
Terry Riley - Persian Surgery Dervishes
Kishori Amonkar - Born To Sing
The Free Design - Stars Time Bubbles Love
Eduard Artemiev - Soundtracks to Solaris, Stalker & Mirror
Johnny Cash - American IV,
Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues,
AC/DC - Back In Black,
Hank Williams - Best Of
Planxty - Planxty
5 fave movies
Solaris - (Tarkovsky version)
The Time of Your Life
The Gang's All Here
Jab We Met
You Can't Take It With You
American Beauty
Lost In Translation
Dead Man
5 fave tv shows
The Prisoner
Star Trek
Barney Miller
The Larry Sanders Show

My Name Is Earl
Man V Food
Big Brother
The Apprentice
The Only Way Is Essex

1st tv/movie crush
Mary Tyler Moore
Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman)
current tv/movie crush
Deepika Padukone (Bollywood star)
he can't think of anyone... :-(
5 authors

Charles Harness
Bruce Sterling
Clifford Simak
Ian McDonald
William Gibson

Forrest Carter
Kent Nerburn
C S Lewis
Robert Bly
Mari Sandoz
fave food
fave drinks (alcohol / non)
no alcohol / diet coke
Tequilla, Beer, Wine....uh, / juice
last dvd/movie watched



what are ypu reading?

Ian McDonald - Dervish House
The Dervish House

Michael Smith - An Unsung Hero
Michael Smith - An Unsung Hero
song of the month
Bump Of Chicken - Butterfly
Matt Munro - Born Free
album of the month
Perfume - Cosmic Explorer
Bump Of Chciken - Butteflies
The Gloaming II

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Collective Discographies
  • Chris & Dan have played together on...
    Chris Conway & Dan Britton -
    Live in Edinburgh DVD
    Chris Conway & Dan Britton -
    Chris Conway & Dan Britton
    - Just Be Real
    Chris Conway & Dan Britton
    - Safe Harbour

    Chris Conway -
    Celtic Dreamer
    Chris Conway
    - Time Traveller
    Chris Conway
    - In Concert DVD
    Chris Conway -
    Live & Peace & Outer Space
    Chris Conway -
    In Concert Volume 1 & 2
    Chris Conway - Songs For Dreamers
    Chris Conway -
    Alien Salad Abduction
    Chris Conway -
    My Mind's Island
    Chris Conway -
    Earth Rising
    Chris Conway -
    Chris Conway -
    Sounds Like Rain
    Dan Britton -
    Riding the Red, White & Black Horses
    Dan Britton -
    Journey To Love

    Govannen -
    Healing Waters
    Govannen - The Water is Wide
    Govannen -
    Celtic Fire
    Govannen -
    Celtic Earth
    Govannen -
    Celtic Christmas
    Govannen - Live - Sniff The Pony
    Govannen -
    The Endless Road
    Govannen - Celtic Air
    France Ellul & Govannen
    - Spirits of the Forest
    Mo Coulson & Chris Conway
    - Spirits Of The Mermaid
    The Storm Thieves -
    Up To The Sun
    The Storm Thieves -
    Endless Freefall
    The Storm Thieves -
    Long Time
  • They also both play as guests on ...
    Dave Kirk - Keeping the Spirit Alive
    Dave Kirk - Along The Way
    Cathy Bonner - Same Blood
    Robbie Murphy - Emerald Blue
    Robbie Murphy - My Inspiration
    Steve Cartwright - At The Break Of Dawn
    Roger Pugh - Orchestra of Wishes
    Wallace - Taking the Piece
    Wallace - Pack Away Your Dreams
    Jim Harwood & Friends - Tightropewalkin
    Sunflower Album - Compilation
    Rideout - Compilation
    Chimpstock - 2001
    NSI - Singer Songwriters Top Twenty - Vol. 1
    Dave Wyatt - China on Paper Plates
    Andy Griffiths - Strawberry Girl
    Andy Griffiths - Astrovirtigo
    Andy Griffiths - Ladel & Salt
    Kym - A Woman's Journey
    Dave Kirk - Mayfly
    Bridget McMahon - Celtic Woman
    Bridget McMahon - Avalon Moon
    Thierry Guillemot - Free Spirit

also see photos on Christo's photo page, Govannen Homepage and Dan's Homepage
Chris Conway & Dan Britton + Neil Rabjohn @ Kettering Library - September 2016 - thanks to Mike Buxton for photos
Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ Kettering Library . Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ Kettering Library . Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ Kettering Library
Chris Conway & Dan Britton + Neil Rabjohn - Wax Lyrical at The Noels Arms, Melton Mowbray - August 2015

Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ The Noels . Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ The Noels . Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ The Noels
Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ The Noels . Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ The Noels

Chris Conway & Dan Britton + Neil Rabjohn @ Joules Yard Festival, Market Harborough - May 2015 - photos by Kev Buxton

Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Joules Yard Festival . Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Joules Yard Festival .. Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Joules Yard Festival

Chris Conway & Dan Britton, The Donkey, Leicester - June 2013 - thanks to Heather for the photos
Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ The Donkey . Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ The Donkey .Chris Conway & Dan Britton @ The Donkey . Chris Conway
Chris Conway & Dan Britton + Neil Rabjohn - The Criterion, Leicester - July 2012 - thanks to Emma for the photos
Dan Britton, Neil Rabjohn, Chris Conway . Dan Britton, Neil Rabjohn, Chris C
Dan Brtitton . Neil Rabjohn . Chris Conway
Dan Britton & Chris Conway at On The Verge, Hand On Heart, Nottingham - Dec 2011
Dan Britton & Chris Conway
Chris Conway & Dan Britton with Neil Rabjohn - The Criterion , Leicester - August 2011 - photos thanks to G
Chris Conway, Dan Britton, Neil Rabjohn .Neil Rabjohn .Chris Conway, Dan Britton, Neil Rabjohn
Chris Conway, Dan Britton, Neil Rabjohn . Chris Conway, Dan Britton, Neil Rabjohn
CC's 20th Anniversary Concert - The Musician, Leicester - Dec 09 - photos by G
Chris Conway 20th Anniversary Concert . Chris Conway 20th Anniversary Concert . Chris Conway 20th Anniversary Concert
CC & Dan Britton @ Leicester Cathedral opening for Eddi Reader- - August 09 - photo Planet Christo TV
CC & Dan Britton - Weyfest - Sept 09

CC, Dan Britton, Neil Rabjohn - Hinckley ACT acoustic club - June 09
Chris Conway, Dan Britton, Neil Rabjohn at Hinckley ACT
CC & Dan Britton - The Donkey, Leicester - May 09 - photo Ase Wilson
 Chris Conway & Dan Britton . Chris Conway & Dan Britton
CC & Vikki Clayton & Dan Britton - Weyfest, Sept 2008 - under normal and martian light...

.Weyfest 2008 - Dan Britton, Vikki Clayton, Chris Conway . Weyfest 2008 - Dan Britton, Vikki Clayton, Chris Conway - martians

CC & Dan Britton - Belper School Theatre, Belper, Derbyshire - July 2008

Chris Conway & Dan Britton..Chris Conway .Chris Conway & Dan Britton
Dan Britton & Chris Conway

Chris Conway & Dan Britton with Neil Rabjohn - The Donkey- May 2008 - Thanks to Richard for the photos

Chris Conway Dan Britton & Neil Rabjohn . Chris Conway Dan Britton & Neil Rabjohn . Dan Britton & Neil Rabjohn .Chris Conway

Dan Britton, Dave Kirk, & CC at the Richard Attenborough Centre, Leicester Dec 07 - photo by G
 Dan Britton, Dave Kirk & Chris Conway
The Storm Thieves reunion gig - Kirby Twins Club, Kirby Bellars - August 07 - photos by Rachel

The Storm Thieves reunion gig.The Storm Thieves reunion gig

Dan Britton - Neil Rabjohn (cajon drum) - Christo - Borders in-store CD promotion gig - July 07
Borders CD promotion . Borders CD promotion . Borders CD promotion
Christo Dan Britton - Walsall Folk Plus Club - June 07 - photo by Jerry Conway
Andy Griffiths, Neil Rabjohn, Dan Britton & Christo @ The Farside, Leicester, May 2007 - photo Fandango
CC & DB - Loughborough Folk Festival - Oct 06 - thanks to Pete Burnham for the photos.
To view a photo better click on photo which will take you Filckr where there are more photos in the series
Picture 027. Picture 018 . Picture 032
The Storm Thieves - CC, Dan Britton, Dave Everitt - Summer Sundae Festival - August '06
One of the Storm Thieves has been drinking - can you tell which one?
. .
Chris Conway & Dan Britton at the Kirby Twins club, Kirby Bellars, Leicestershire - photos by G - June 06
. .

Christo & Dan Britton with Dave Everitt as The Storm Theives - Christo's 30th CD Launch, The Musician, Leicester - photos Chris Malme
. .
Christo & Dan Britton - Summer Sundae Festival, Leicester - August 05 - thanks to Andy G for the photos
.. . . . .
Christo & Dan - photoshoot April 05 - photo Calvin Hewitt
. .
Christo with Dan - August 04 - Riverside Festival, Normanton on Soar - photos Sarah

the big jam - L-R - CC, Pete Turnpenny, Alan Hankinson, Tonya Tempest, Bob Cheevers, Nigel Upton, John Montague, Dan Britton
CC & Dan at the Whitehouse Festival, Scraptoft - August 04 - photo Rachel Liney
Christo with Dan & Sally Barker at Cafe Royal, Acoustic Underground, Edinburgh - August 04 - photos Peter Michael Rowan
. .
Stamford Riverside Festival July 04 - photos Sarah
. .
at The Guildhall Leicester, - Christo tells aboutt heone that got away - April '04 - thanks to Fandango & Rachel for photos
- May Fayres, Stamford - May 04 - thanks to Stef for the photo
CC & DB with Andy Fitzsimons and Carl Fandango Dawson - The Musician, Leicester - Sept 03 - - 2 tracks on the live album came from this gig - photos Andy Thompson

Chris Conway & Dan Britton - The Wharf, Bugbrooke, Northants - Sept 03 - photos Andy G
Summer Sundae Festival - Aug 03 - photos BBC Radio Leicester & Rachel Liney
Edinburgh Aug 03 - photos Rachel Liney
at the Ross Bandstant, Princess St Gardens
at the Cafe Royal with Peter Michael Rowan and Sally Baker - tour finale
backstage at the Boardwalk Sheffield
with Neil Segrott Jan 2003
live in a photo booth

Platform Arts, Morecambe - backstage
l - r - Dan (in shower), Christo, Frances Black, Declan Sinnott
- on stage