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12th August - Fri- Dan Britton a.o. - Kontra Roots Club, Earls Barton, Northants
24th August - Wed - Dan Britton opening for Project Blackbird
- The Musician, Leicester

More soon - keep an eye open for The Bear!

Dan Britton

Westcountryman Dan Britton is a singer-songwriter of the highest order.

Now living in the East Midlands, Dan’s new album, The Bear, will be
released on 20 June 2022 by Oblong Records. Dan has been playing solo and in bands for many years and has worked with members of 10cc, Lindisfarne, The Waterboys, The Specials and numerous others.

Sometimes in a duo with Chris Conway and sometimes in his Celtic band, Govannen, Dan writes and performs honest and heartfelt songs, delivered with passion and integrity.

The Bear was recorded in a studio on a narrowboat in Leicester
and follows on from Dan's 2019 release, Fire Horse.

The new album’s title song, ‘The Bear’, deals with the loss of important male role models in Dan’s life, including his father, and his friend and musical mentor, Jackie Leven.

Dan biography
Dan Biography
Dan Britton

Dan Britton is a dynamic singer-songwriter with an amazing power in live performance.

He blends US West Coast, hints of Celtic and country, roots and rock into his own unique style. Go and see Dan perform solo, with his band, in duo with Chris Conway or with the traditional Irish band Govannen, you'll come out a fan.

He has played guitar for Jackie Leven, Bob Cheevers and Cathy Lesurf ('The best guitarist I've worked with since Simon Nicol.') He has released several nationally acclaimed albums. Dan supplied the lead vocals on the debut Katy Lied album which was produced by Nigel Stonier and featured Thea Gilmore and Al Perkins amongst other musical luminaries.

A passionate performer, his powerful voice and stage presence immediately attracts attention.

'Visiting places only inhabited by the likes of Van Morrison and Mike Scott'

Dan News
Dan Britton - The Bear

Dan's new album The Bear is to be released on June 20th on CD, download, (and streaming but buying something would be nice :-) )
It has a full band with friends old and new.

And there are 2 gigs slots to support the album...

23rd June - Dan Britton opening for Project Blackbird
- The Musician, Leicester
12th August - Dan Britton a.o. - Kontra Roots Club, Earls Barton, Northants

More details soon - but keep an eye open for The Bear!

New song & video - Dead Man's Axe

Dan Britton Come Back To Us Friend
Come Back To Us Friend -
- a digital single by Dan Britton for friend and bandmate Neil Segrott, in the darkest days of not knowing if he'd come back to us. He's coming back and his star is still shining.
It's on Bandcamp now and will be on Spotify, Apple & Amazon soon. Check it out
Dan Britton - vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar.
Lee Spreadbury - keyboards.
Carl Dawson - guitar solo.
Damon Clarridge - drums.
Chris Conway - harmony vocals.

All proceeds to Headway, the brain injury charity
Dan Britton - with The Passengers Live at Abbey Park '92t
US Americana roots rock musician Jason Ringenberg - hailed as "The Godfather of Americana" in a recent interview promoting his new album listed Dan as one of his favourite UK artists - alongside some very cool company including The Who and The Beatles!

See the inteverview here

A new lyric video of Dan's classic song The Return Of Crazy Horse - video by Carl Dawson

Dan Britton - Fire Horse

Dan's 4th solo album Fire Horse is released on Bandcamp, where you can hear the album, buy a download, and order the CD!

The album includes remastered versions of his singles Joe Alone and Sins As Red As Scarlet, and a bunch great of new songs.Returning from past album is bassist Neil Segrott, and drummer Gavin Hall. Chris Conway appears on 1 track, and on a short final track Bob Cheevers recites text and a sample of the late Jackie Leven's voice is heard.

Dan says of the album -
"This album is dedicated to my friend and mentor, the late, great Jackie Leven. He carried the fire."

The Albums
The Bear
Dan Britton - The Bear
Fire Horse
Dan Britton - Fire Horse
Turn the Stars Upside DownDan Britton - Turn The Stars Upside Down


1. The Bear
2. Deep Sea Diver
3. The Wrestler
4. The Curse Of The Dead Man's Axe
5. The Pioneer's Call
6. 4 + 20
7. Come Back To Us Friend
8. The Bear's Tail
9. Rears Of Frustration

Dan Britton - vocals, guitar, keybaord (3)
Lee Spreadbury - keyboards
Damon Clarridge - drums
Carl Dawson - lead guitar
Chris Conway - piano (1,3,8), harmony vocals, Irish whistle, theremin. percussion.
Neil Segrott - fretless bass (6)

1. I Don't Know Much About Love
2. Joe Alone
3. Sins As Red As Scarlet
4. Desolation Blues
5. Fire Horse
6. Storm In A Teacup
7. Scars
8. King Of The Barley Called My Name
9. Carrying The Fire

Dan Britton - vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, lap steel guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, organ, piano, bodhran, percussion.
Neil Segrott - bass guitar.
Gavin Hall - drums.
Chris Conway - keyboards, Irish whistles, backing vocals - 3.
Bob Cheevers - reading (9)
Jackie Leven - vocal sample (9)

1. The Return of Crazy Horse
2. One Morning
3. Song For Eric
4. Just Can't See Any Way (To Be With You)
5. Turn The Stars Upside Down
6. Leonard
7. Some Other Place
8. Can't Get Over You
9. Edge of Town
10. Let's Shoot Up The Living Room (secret bonus track)

Dan Britton - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, banjo
Neil Segrott - bass
Gavin Hall - drums

Journey To Love
Dan Britton - Journey To Love
Riding the Red White and Black Horses


1. These Days
2. Through Your Eyes
3. Where's It All Gone
4. I Wanna Go Home
5. It's Over
6. Beautiful Face
7. The Field Road
8. Free
9. Gone #2
10. Journey To Love
11. One Thing Still Remains

Dan Britton - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, percussion, banjo, the Reverend's Organ
Chris Conway - keyboards, harmony vocals
Neil Segrott - bass, lead guitar
Lee Allatson - drums
Carl Dawson - electric guitar

1. Easier To See
2. Really Loved Me
3. Lonely Eyes
4. Save It For The Judge
5. Magical Time
6. Bite Back
7. Haunted
8. Year of the Horse
9. Big World
10. Thought You Were Gone
11. Easy
12. The Last Time I Saw You

Dan Britton - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, bodhran, banjo, harmonica, percussion
Chris Conway - keys, elec guitar, banjo, vocals
Neil Segrott - bass, harmony vocals
Neil Rabjohn - drums, bass
Paul Barnes - drums
Dave Everitt - ac. & elec guitar, harmony vocals
Rob Melville - electric guitar
Jonathan Read - bass guitar, congas, piano, vocals
Andy Phillips - drums


The EPs Banner
The EPs & Archives & Singles
Sins As Red As Scarlet - EP
Dan Britton - Sins As Red As Scarlet
Barefoot On The Cobbles - EP
Dan Britton EP barefoot On The Cobbles
Catch Your Breath EP
Dan Britton - Sins As Red As Scarlet
The Passengers - Live at Abbey Park '92
Dan Britton - with The Passengers Live at Abbey Park '92t

1. Sins As Red As Scarlet
2. Magical Time
3. The Snow And The Fire

Dan Britton - vocals, guitar, mandolin, organ, bodhran.
Chris Conway - keyboards, whistles, vocals.

1. Barefoot On The Cobbles
2. The Storm
3. Ballad Of The Brittons
4. Three Fishers
5. Lament

Dan Britton - vocals, guitar, bodhran.
Chris Conway - keyboards, whistles, vocals.
Adele McMahon - violin.
Roger Wilson - violin.
Neil Rabjohn - cajon, percussion.

1. Catch Your Breath
2. Fifty Foot Letters
3. Angel Like You
4. Easy

Dan Britton - vocals and guitar
Jon Read - bass, congas, flugelhorn, backing vocals.
Rob Melville - guitar
Styx - drums

released by The Passengers on cassette in 1992

1. Announcement
2. Sail Away
3. Angel
4. Way Back Home
5. The Field Road
6 Easy
7. Shine On

Dan Britton - vocals, guitar, bodhran.
Jon Read - bass guitar, flugelhorn, backing vocals.
Rob Melville - electric guitar.
Styx - drums

recorded live at Abbey Park Festival 1992

Come Back To Us Friend
- single -2021
Dan Britton Come Back To Us Friend
Heartman Blues (Joe Alone)
- single -2014
Dan Britton Heartman Blues
The Horse Thieves - Boot Hill
- single - 1989
Dan Britton - Boot Hill

1. Boot Hill

Dan Britton - vocals, acoustic and slide guitars.
Matt King - electric guitar (later Dave Everett)
Neil Rabjohn - bass guitar.
Styx - drums.

recorded at Chapel Studios in 1989


The EPs Banner
The albums by Chris Conway & Dan Britton
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Wonder
Apple Music
Safe Hsrbour
Chris Conway & Dan Britton Safe Harbour
Apple Music
Chris Conway & Dan Britton Live

Apple Music
Safe Hsrbour
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Just Be Real CD
Apple Music

Better Times In Sight - EP
Chris Conway & Dan Britton Better Times In Sight EP
Apple Music

Better Times In Sight - EP
Chris Conway & Dan Britton DVD
Live in Edinburgh DVD
Matty Groves
On My Way
When Will We Be Married/Rainbow Real
The Alien Jellyfish Song
The Snow & the Fire/The Healing Has Begun/You Send Me

The EPs Banner
The albums by The Storm Thieves - Dan Britton/Chris Conway/Dave Everitt

The Storm thieves Endless Freefall
The Storm Thieves - Up To The Sun

The EPs Banner
The other albums Dan plays on

Kansas City Faggotts - Knock One Off In Memphis
Tony Lloyd Hughs & Dan Britton -
The Nameless Lassie
Jackie Leven - Barefoot Days
Jackie Leven & The Stornoway Girls - Live

The Storm Thieves
- Up To The Sun
The Storm Thieves - Endless Freefall
The Storm Thieves - Long Time
The Storm Thieves- Captured Live
The Storm Thieves - Live At The Bayou

Chris Conway - Unlocked Songs
Chris Conway - Celtic Dreamer
Chris Conway - Time Traveller
Chris Conway - In Concert DVD
Chris Conway - Love & Peace & Outer Space
Chris Conway
- Songs for Dreamers
Chris Conway - Alien Salad Abduction
Chris Conway -
My Mind's Island
Chris Conway -
Earth Rising
Chris Conway -
Chris Conway -
Sounds Like Rain

- Healing Waters
Govannen - The Water Is Wide
Govannen - Celtic Fire
Govannen - Celtic Earth
Govannen - Celtic Christmas
Govannen - The Endless Road
Govannen - Celtic Air
Govannen - As I Roved Out
Govannen - Live - Sniff The Pony
France Ellul & Govannen - Spirits of the Forest
Mo Coulson & Chris Conway - Spirits Of The Mermaids

Cathy Bonner - Same Blood
Robbie Murphy - Emerald Blue
Robbie Murphy - My Inspiration
Steve Cartwright - At The Break Of Dawn
Steve Cartwright - Dog Eat Dog
Dave Kirk - Keeping the Spirit Alive
Dave Kirk -
Along the Way
Dave Kirk -
Roger Pugh
- Orchestra of Wishes
Wallace - Taking the Piece
Wallace - Pack Away Your Dreams
Jim Harwood & Friends - Tightropewalkin
Cathy Lesurf - Live at the Guildhall
Dave Wyatt - China on Paper Planes
Andy Griffiths - Strawberry Girl
Kym - A Woman's Journey
Katy Lied - Late Arrival
Bridget McMahon - Celtic Woman
Bridget McMahon - Avalon Moon
When Cousins Marry - Mind Your Own Business
Martin Burch & Flying Buttress - Release
Bob Cheevers - Smoke & Mirrors
Steve Cartwright -To The Sea

Sunflower Album
- LOROS Compilation
Rideout Records - Rideout Compilation
Chimpstock - Monkey World Charity 2001
NSI - Singer Songwriters Top Twenty - Vol. 1
Monkey/Love - Monkey World Charity CD 2004
Keltika magazine coverdisk
Paradise Chillout
- Paradise Music
Etnica & World Music
magazine coverdisk
Spiritual Woman

Concert for the Door of Hope
Paradise Moon Grretings Card/CD
Paradise Celtic Greetings Card/CD
Angel Voices

Chris Conway & Dan Britton Homepage

Chris Conway & Dan Britton Homepage
Chris Conway
A New Day Records
Rideout Records
Jackie Leven
Cathy Lesurf
Bob Cheevers


Leicester Mercury - 03 May 2007

Dan Britton “Turn the Stars Upside Down” (Musician 2007)

Dan Britton's first trip to the United States has given him plenty of inspiration for his new album.The Leicester singer-songwriter visited Nashville and Memphis, as well as pursuing his interest in the history of native American Indians. Two songs - The Return of Crazy Horse and Leonard (about Leonard Peltier, a Native American activist) have made it on to the album, Turn the Stars Upside Down, which is out now on Leicester label Musician Records.

Britton told The Week: "I had got other songs about their situation which didn't make it on to the album, so I guess the trip did influence me."Also, as you get older you move away from writing love songs to other stuff which you read that interests you. "That's how I heard about Leonard Peltier. There is a big campaign in the USA to free him after claims he was wrongly jailed for the murder of two FBI agents. In fact, Peltier's defence committee are putting together a compilation album to promote the cause and it looks like my song might appear on it."

Britton has not totally shied away from songs of love and longing. Two of the songs on the album, Can't Get Over You and Just Can't See Anyway (To Be With You) are cases in point, but he admits: "I'm a happily married man so I don't have those kind of issues anymore but I still like to write about them."

The album, co-produced in the city with Neil Segrott, is Britton's starkest record to date. "I usually use Chris Conway on keys but I've made a conscious decision to strip it down to a Neil Young 1970s sound, and I'm really pleased with the outcome," he said."The album's getting some decent reviews and, as well as the City Blues Festival at De Montfort Hall this weekend, I've got a lot of other stuff coming up including a double bill with (Nashville storyteller) Bob Cheevers at the Edinburgh Fringe."


Americana UK
Heavy and heartfelt set of songs reminiscent of The Waterboys at their finest

“We need leaders/Not self-serving fools/Hanging out with rock stars/To make them look cool.” So begins the apocalyptic opener “The Return Of Crazy Horse” on Leicester music scene stalwart Dan Britton’s latest album. As warning calls of impending doom go it’s one of the best, as Britton spits venom and righteous anger over a huge and heavy sound that’s reminiscent of The Waterboys at their finest. Things don’t lighten up much with the next track, a cover of Gillian Welch’s “One Morning” which is much louder, more doom-laden and urgent than her take. A quieter moment follows though with “Song for Eric”, a thoughtful and heartfelt piece dedicated to Britton’s friend, the late great Eric Roche, but normal service is resumed with “Just Can’t See Any Way (To Be With You)” and the title song, before slowing down once more for the remaining four tracks. The album is shot through with Native American imagery, but, it’s important to say, not in a laughable Ian Astbury style. From the cover art via lines “carve my face in the sacred rock” to songs like “Leonard” (dedicated to the legendary Leonard Peltier) there’s a real sensitivity and empathy with that oft-overused and abused culture. The album’s one jarring note is the final hidden track, a lads having fun in the studio song that’s entertaining enough but rather detracts from the overall feel and power of what’s gone before. But that’s really the only downside on what is an excellent album that deserves to have Britton’s name mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Mike Scott.
Jeremy Searle -


Americana UK
Journey to Love CD 7/10
Superior British singer-songwriter fare. Dan Britton is yet another performer from the seemingly inexhaustible supply of excellent singer-songwriters coming out of Leicester at the moment. “Journey to Love” is his second album and a fine thing it is too. Beautifully produced, the album features great keyboards from Chris Conway as well as good work from the remainder of the four piece band. But its Britton’s acoustic work and vocals that are at the heart of the music and the forefront of the mix, and mighty things they are.
He’s an admirer of The Waterboys, and there’s more than a hint of Mike Scott in his lyrics and vocals – he has the same soul. In fact if you ignore its origin “Journey To Love” could easily be described as Celtic Soul. While there are some propulsive rockers like opener “These Days” and “I Wanna Go Home”, the bulk of the songs are more contemplative pieces like “It’s Over” and “Through Your Eyes”. Occasionally his lyrics can seem a trifle obvious, for example on the title track, but it doesn’t happen often and when it does but his performance and intensity carry him through.
The best things here are a pair of tracks about starting and finishing relationships. The aforementioned “It’s Over”, a nakedly honest assessment of a ended relationship comes first, and is immediately followed by “Beautiful Face”, where Britton’s emotional delivery is at it’s best and married to a perfectly judged delicate yet intense backing from the band. I suspect that good as this album is, Britton is at his best live, and so, while I can recommend this album wholeheartedly I would recommend more seeking out one of his infrequent gigs
Jeremy Searle -


Maverick Magazine
Dan Britton - Journey To Love CD
The good things in life often require perseverance. The full charms of Mr Britton's new CD didn't hit me immediately but, after listening to 'Journey To Love' for the better part of a week, the songs are now leaving an indelible mark on me.

Based in Leicester, Dan is an excellent musician and superior singer-songwriter. This second solo outing is a huge artistic leap forward from his debut CD. The eleven self-penned songs are meticulously crafted and performed with verve by Dan and the four-piece band. The production is crisp, the songs thoughtfully arranged. At the heart of these tunes is Dan's rhythmic acoustic guitar playing while the band adds colour without overpowering him.

The propulsive 'These Days' is a strong, catchy opening number with fiery guitar playing and subtle organ colouring. Neil Segrott, a wonderful bass player, provides the explosive guitar solo. 'Through Your Eyes' is a more reflective ballad with atmospheric electric piano from Chris Conway.

'I Wanna Go Home', with it's distinctive guitar riff, is a powerful rocker with a melody not dissimilar to Gene Clark's 'No Other'. By contrast, the pace is brought down for the acoustic 'It's Over', a reflective ballad about loss. 'You can trash the place, or smash my face but still you can't hide the fact that it's over'.

Song-writers are influenced by artists they admire, Dan Britton is no different. For 'Beautiful Face' he plays a Gibson Dove, once owned by Gram Parsons, and kindly loaned to him by Jenny Grech the widow of Gram's pal Rik. It is a beautiful song with a catchy chorus and layered ooohs. The addition of banjo adds an authentic charm.

The theme of lost love rears it's head again in 'The Field Road', a surging rocker. By contrast 'Gone #2' mines folk territory with its lone banjo. The attractive 'One Thing Still Remains' ends this fine set of songs.

Beautifully packaged, this thought provoking CD deserves to garner Dan Britton a wider audience. Worth repeated listens.

John Brindle

Photos - more photos at Chris Conway & Dan Britton Homepage and Govannen Homepage
Archive photos from Dan's time with the band The Passengers - 1990-92

Passengers.Passengers. Passengers.Passengers
Passengers .Passengers. Passengers.Passengers
Recording Heartman Blues (Joe Alone) at Tiny's Studio Leicester - June 2014
Dan Britton studio . Tiny Studio.
Jim White & Dan Britton @ the Musician, Leicester - Sept 2013
. jim White Dan Britton.
Through The Years...
Dan Britton - Govannen @ Corby Arts Centre... Dan Britton - Govannen @ the Anchor Inn ..Govannen .Govannen CD Launch 2 - Dan BrittonGovannen - Paralympics Torch Event Leicester..Dan Brtitton .Dan BrittonDan Britton .Dan Britton . .Dan Britton @ Melton Beer Festival. Dan Britton . Dan Britton . Dan Britton]Dan Britton