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Filk Background
Chris Conway (or "Christo") came to filk music accidentally, a professional musician, not knowing he was playing filk.

Influenced by the space songs of Paul Kantner and Country Joe McDonald and by reading sci-fi , the occasional space or otherworldly reference crept into some of his songs.
He then worked with Toronto filker
Jodi Krangle, before being initiated into the UK filk scene and invited to play at the 12th UK Filk Convention Didgeridouze, where he also guested with Urban Tapestry (who appear in turn as guests on his filk CD). CC has also played and recorded with Talis Kimberley.

In 2004
Christo was the UK Guest of Honour at the 16Tones UK Filk Con, played a concert spot at GaFilk, Atlanta and was featured filk guest at Confluence, Pittburgh.
In 2006 Christo was International Guest at Consonance Filk Con in California and Filkontario in Toronto, and played at 2 UK Eastercons to 800 fen.
In 2009 he is to be the filk Guest of Honour at Marcon in Columbus Ohio.

He has won 5 Sam Awards (The UK Filk Awards - 2 for Best Silly song - 2 for Best Serious, 1 for Filk Gold)
He has been nominated for a Pegasus Award 6 times.

A mercurial performer - his music goes hither and thither from folk, jazz, Celtic, world music, electronic. Instrumentally he flits between guitar, piano, flutes, kalimba, recently adding theremin to his arsenal giving theremin workshops at several cons.
Subject-wise he darts from silly to touching to atmospheric and then usually back to silly.

Outside of filk
he has released over 80 albums in many genres, played with Peter Tork (Monkees), members of Jethro Tull & Fairport Convention, Talvin Singh and supported Country Joe McDonald where in thanking him for his space songs introduced Country Joe in turn to filk.

8th February 2016
alien jellyfish song wins filk award
glow in the dark jelly fish:
My song The Alien Jellyfish Song won a Filk Gold Sam Award at the UK Filk Convention Con2bil8. Sam Awards are the Oscars of UK Filk and I am honoured that this is my 5th Sam Award since I went to my first filk convention in 2000.

I couldn't be there at the award ceremony, some of the the wonderful Play It With Moxie band from Atlanta USA played it for me - they play the song at their GaFilk Convention banquet nights where they even have a dance for the song :-)

7th February 2016
solo songs set @ con2bil8 uk filk convention - report
chris conway
I had a 1 hour set on Friday night - It went OK, - room was a bit hot and I got a bit foggy so dropped the odd stitch, and I wouldve liked to have been a bit more relaxed, but hey. I tried to mix old, new, mellow and funny etc... I debuted my new silly Trek filk Make It Not So.
In filk circles over the weekend I also debuted my new song Journey's End, and I sang Vegetarian Vampire.

Set - Andromeda Bound, Superheroes Never Die, Lifespell, Make It Not So, Damned, Wicken Chicken flutes, Love Space Station, Out Of The Blue, Ten Years, Alien Salad Abduction, Three Headed Girl - encore The Fish Song


11th April 2013
deep space love - filk songs album released !
Chris Conway Deep Space Love album

Filk/science fiction songs album Deep Space Love is released, ending a long journey that began in mid-November. It is my 10th solo songs studio album and my 92nd release under my own name or in bands and collaborations.
The album is in 3 sections - 1) aliens & space, 2) immortality & the undead, 3) filk & fandom. Music styles vary widely from acoustic songs, electronic bossa novas, rock, jazz, blues, world music and more.

1. For more info, lyrics, to buy CD & download, visit the album page.
2. Downloads available from Bandcamp - £5min. iTunes & Amazon.mp3 to come soon...
3. You can win a copy ! Sign up to my newsletter and you will enter the draw for a free copy.

Chris Conway Deep Space Love album
June 25th 2012
cc filk guest - dfdf - germany 2013

I have been invited to be International Anniversary Filk Guest at the 5th DFDF Filk Convention in Bad Salzdetfurth, June 2013.
I've known for about a year and had to keep it a secret - when the time came when I was safe to annnounce it - i was busy and forgot!!
Awesome - what a great honour! -
Plus my first filk guest gig in many years and my first gig out of the country for even longer... and a chance to see my German filk chums :-)

Some especially filkish CDs
Chris Conway Deep Space Love album
Deep Space Love CD - songs of aliens & space, immortality & the undead, filk & fandom - for more about it go here

So what's in it for filk fen?
songs of aliens & space, immortality & the undead, filk & fandom
2. Lorraine Bowen guests on 1 track
3. it's set on a space station called Deep Space Love and includes announcements...
4. it contains 3 Sam Award winning songs.
5. The Fish Song was recorded live at 2t0nic UK Filk Convention
6. lots of filkers mentoined in some of the songs.

Alien Salad Abduction CD - Electrofilkadelic album - for more about it go here

So what's in it for filk fen?
1. Guests on The Alien Jellyfish Song - Urban Taprestry
2. Jodi Krangle guests on 2 other songs
3. Andrea Dale makes a brief appearance on interstellar telephone
4. Echoes has lyrics by Nicky Retallick
5. Christo's theremin appears on 7 tracks
6. Christo's first dedicated filk album
7. and seventhly
8. 16 tracks of cosmic songs
9. did I mention the theremin? Oh yes, so I did

Chris Conway - Live ! CD - for more about it go here

So what's in it for filk fen?
1. Recorded live at 2 UK Filk conventions - Didgeridouze and Conthirteena
2. CC sings 2 songs by famous filkers - one by Talis Kimberley and 1 by Andrea Dale
3. Replicator Malfunction Blues - a DS9 filk not aavailable on any other album.
4. Fab live sound and lively filker audience
5. and fifthly
6. 4 bonus studio tracks

Filk Songs
CD   filk(ish) songs  
Chris Conway Deep Space Love album Deep Space Love
announcement - welcome
Three Headed Girl
Love Space Station
Monkeys On The Moon
Zonky Ponky
Out Of This World
Replicator Malfunction Blues
announcement – undead & immortals
Death To The Immortals (Killing Friends Is Fun)
Superheroes Never Die
Vegetarian Vampire
announcement – filk convention
Orbiting Filk Recording Studio
Burn The Heretic Fen
The Fish Song (Live)
Circle Of One
announcement - farewell
- welcome to the space station
- new studio version of the song about dating a 3 headed girl.
- an electronic bossa nova - we love to be in our love space station - featuring Lorraine Bowen
- jazz song - there are monkeys on the moon - you knew that right?
- a rock song about one of the mysteries of the universe understood by one man on Betelguese 3.
- bossa nova about the trouble with dating an alien...
- Deep Space 9 blues about a distressing maintainance problem
- information for those who cannot die and are eterally so...
- Latin song about killing the unkillable...
- a ballad about aging superheoes and our perceptions of the elderly
- a bossa about a vegetarian vampire...(surprise)
- info for filkers & fen
- a day in the life of a filk recording studio.
- a song about writing oses.
- a show about not liking the "right thing" and liking the "wrong thing"
- Hatstand!.
- about not being at the filk con...
- - bye bye - come back soon!
Time Traveller
Science Fiction Eyes
Letters In Time
The Wishing Tree
Funniest Feeling
Future Beige
The Last Place On The Earth

- interpreting the world as if it was sci-fi
- sending letters to your younger self using a time machine
- a magic tree grants secret wishes only - inspired by film Stalker
- a fun little song about paranoia
- more time travelling - the future is beige
- utopia in a song
Live & Peace & Outer Space
Alien Salad Abduction
Planet Theremin Interlude
Three Headed Girl
Long Day's Waiting
Green Clothes
Call Of The Wild
The Alien Jellyfish Song

- a witch's/wizards's spell of life - live band version
- extra-terrestrials are abducting all the vegetables!
- alien theremin music
- a dead friend says hello though a childs eyes - live band version
- dating a 3 headed girl
- about awaiting return of a loved one - live band version
- my baby only wears green clothes - a silly colour rhyming song - live band version
- the Grey Lady makes an appearance once again - live band version
- live band version of the classic alien love story

Songs For Dreamers
Gather Me
Above My Head
Time Will Tell
Solstice Circle
Life Road

- a magical protective blanket
- angel voices...
- co-written with Jodi Krangle - regrets of relationship with a witch
- pagan circle dance song for the solstice
- Celtic waulking song of life
- childhood magic rediscovered
Close The Circle
Old Fashioned Future
The Great Escapist
Empty House Time Machine

- title taken from Bruce Sterling book
- the power of song
- a witch's/wizards's spell of life
- for escapists everywhere
- likening an old house to a time machine...

Alien Salad Abduction
Andromeda Bound
Hold On
Deep Space Phone
Alien Salad Abduction
Unicorn Girl
The Alien Jellyfish Song
Fly High
Take Me Away
Space Temple
Virtual Girl
Planet Theremin
So Long Blue

- opening theme for multi-vocals and piano
- the children of space are going home
- hold on to your wildest dreams
- Andrea Dale calls in
- extra-terrestrials are abducting all the vegetables!
- kind of inspired by Michael Kurland book of the same title
- multi vocal interlude about flying featuring Kate Easton
- funky version with Urban Tapestry
- space travellers return, from a loved ones point of view.
- post apocalyptic words by Nicky Retallick
- encounter with a mysterious space lady
- chanting interlude
- a vitual date with a virtual girl
- a spacey love song featuring Jodi Krangle
- interlude for 5 theremins
- final broadcast by the last inhabitant on Earth before departure

Call of the Wild
Long Day's Waiting
Green Clothes
The Furies
Age of Miracles
Replicator Malfunction Blues
Secret Garden
Life, Magic & Love
Nobody Loves Me-
Like I Do
The Alien Jellyfish Song
- the Grey Lady makes an appearance once again
- solo kalimba & vocal version
- my baby only wears green clothes - a silly colour rhyming song
- song by Andrea Dale
- solo version
- a Deep Space 9 dilemma
- stunning ballad by Talis Kimberley
- solo version
- another silly classic
- solo version of Christo's filk hit.

Just Be Real
The Alien Jellyfish Song
Call of the Wild
Long Day's Waiting
- Christo's best known filk song - now sung by Urban Tapestry
- the Grey Lady makes an appearance once again
- a dead friend says hello though a childs eyes
- more folk than filk but popular in filk circles
Earth Rising Life, Magic & Love
Age of Miracles
Before I Go
- the Grey Lady in a environmental tale
- title from a Brunner novel, idea from Bertram Chandler book
- a tale of flight - now we can read eachother's minds.

------------- tho there are few actual filk songs on this CD, there is an overall filk concept to the album.
Storming Long Day's Waiting
The Autumn Land
- about awaiting return of a loved one
- a dead friend says hello though a childs eyes
- instrumental inspired by Simak short story of the same name
Flying Home Coming In To Land
Lighthouse in a Storm
Always Flying Home
- slightly inspired by Lem's Return From The Stars
- a story of an eternal storyteller
- atmospheric strange song
- dreamers are always flying home
Sounds Like Rain Earth Child
Stormy Point

- encounter with strange woman/hawk earth child
- legend of the wizard of Alderley Edge.

not recorded yet The End of the World
The Storm
- an love song set in the apocalypse
- post apocalytic cleansing storm
- live your life over
recorded instrumental music with sci-fi references Contact Light CD
The Planet Scanners - Live & Scanning
Scanning Planet 3
The Third Expedition
from Re-Orient CD
Seven Steps to the Sun
Rendezvous With Rama

from Breathtaking CD
Think Blue, Count Two
Golden Steps

Ritual of the Sky People CD
.- spacey theremin music
- spacey electronic music
- lots of space sounds including sample of Sputnik
art from Mars rovers, titles from Bradburys Martian Chronicles

- title taken from Fred Hoyle book
- title taken from Arthur C Clarke book

- title from Cordwainer Smith short story
- idea of title from Hannes Bok book Beyond the Golden Stair

- album by The Rain Garden which has a space concept

some filk info
What is filk?
Filk 101

some filk online stores
Filklore Music Store
Random Factors Catalogue
Editions Pegasus

2Tonic Filk Convention - with "Three Headed Girl" Mich, Katie & Marilisa - photo by Hitch


Christo at D'Zenove UK Filk Convention, Basingstoke - thanks to Sib & Dave Weingart for the photos - Feb 2007
top - with the Crooklets singing the Alien Salad Abduction Song - with Brenda Sutton
bottom - singing 3 Headed Girl with Katy, Rika & Marilisa - twin whistling in the circle
Filkontario Filk Convention, April 06 - Toronto, Canada - photos CC, Tony Fabris, Debbie Ridpath Ohi, John Hall, Sybille Machat, Allison Durno
Full report here
of Christo playing twin whistles - mov - 8mb! Needs the Quicktime player 7 to play video
kicking off with Alien Salad Abduction
the whole set was signed by Judi Miller
playing kalimba singing Lifespell
singing Circle of One
Andromededa Bound with Georgina Sear, Jodi Krangle & Judi Miller signing
3 Headed Girl with Urban Tapestry
playing Theremin on The Lady
pals - with Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Consonance Filk Convention, Mar 06 - Milpitas California - photos CC & Tony Fabris
my Con report here
Why not check out Tony Fabris' great report with photos and videos here
before singing "Science Fiction Eyes"
"3 Headed Girl" with Alisa/Taunya/Erin in title roll plus Lynn/Kathleen/? as the child
half the audience at the end of CCs set
singing Monkeys on the Moon in a circle
rehearsing overlooking Silicon Valley
dead dog final circle singing Nobody Loves Me (Like I Do)
1812 UK Filk Convention - Feb 06 - Grantham - many thanks for photos by Marion Beet, Sibylle Machat, Hitch, Terence Chua
The Set - singing "Science Fiction Eyes"
who said that?
Sam Award - accepting a Sam Award for new song Circle of One
accepting a Sam Award from Melusine
Theremin workshop - 2 theremins at once for the 1st time
Showing Alexa the theremin volume antennae
Unstaband - l-r - Andy G-K, Mike Whitiker, Valerie Housden, Tim Walker, CC & Sam Baardman
with Dave Weingart and solo at Dixseption Filk Convention - Feb 05 - Portsmouth - photos by Rob Wynne
showing the Monkeys On The Moon game given to CC by Rob & Larissa, before playing his song of that name
Christo at Confluence, Pittburgh USA - with Urban Tapestry on The Alien Jellyfish Song - - Pete Grubb engineer - photos Debbie Ridpath Ohi/Rand Ballavia

with Jodi Krangle on Wonder - Debbie Ridpath Ohi's amazing T-shirt
meeting Andrea Dale for the 1st time in 4 years correspondance - Conway's store on Broadway, New York
with Merav in NY - weird pic with Renee - Gugenhem Gallery on my well day
. .

CC Guest of Honor at 16Tones UK Filk Convention, Bromsgrove
Electronic Music Night at the Musician - Jan 04 - photos many thanks to Hitch, Rick, Dave Weingart, Dan & Kim Parkes
CC solo - CC with special effect alien jellyfish - can ya see how it's done?

"Three Headed Girl" with Marilissa Marilisa Valtazanou, Mich Sampson, Katy Droege- & 3 headed daughter Kate Soley-Barton, Emily Raftery, Lynn Gold

with Katy Droege singing "Islands" - in the 2fer concert with Seanan McGuire

theremin workshop demonstration - Tim Walker gives CC a lift at the opening ceremony

with The Split Level Band at the theremin workshop "Don't Play The There Theremin"

closing ceremony - commemorative Guest of Honor plaque (made by Sue Mason) and CC's Sam Award (made by Omega) for CC's song Orbiting Filk Recording Studio
. .

Atlanta Georgia, USA - Jan 04 - photos Dave Weingart *Debbie Ridpath Ohi, CC**
CC with Jodi Krangle & Debbie Ridpath Ohi singing The Alien Jellyfish Song /twin whistling*
. *

Alien Salad Abduction on guitar / Long Day's Waiting on kalimba / Rainbow Real on twin whistles
. . . .
with Jodi on Wonder / introduced by dancing Toastmistress Mary Crowell
Star Trek Theme on piano / crooning Green Clothes
chillin with Jodi & Debbie / alien CC in a waffle house* /CC & Jodi in the lobby
us 3 in colour** and b&w*
. *
Eastercon - Seacon 03 - Hinckley 2003
- photos Hitch
Quinze Filk Festival - Ipswich 2003
- Christo guest twin whistling with Brenda Sutton with Tim Walker on drums - photo by Rob Wynne -

solo set - photos Anja
the audience - photo by Christo on stage
Contabile Fortean, Basingstoke 2002
- photo Daniel Glasser - thanks Dan

the big finish !
Eboracon, York 2001
photo thanks to Kirstin Tanger from Editions Pegasus

CC as audient


Didgeridouze, Milton Keynes 2000
Christo with Urban Tapestry and Decadent Dave Clement

Thanks to Kirstin for use of the photos)

Crowd at Didgeridouze after Christo's set

Convention reports  
2Tonic UK Filk Convention - Feb 08 - Grantham, UK
Great time had at this convention
where Christo played a 40minute set on Sat night folloing both guests of honour.
Christo won a Sam Award for Best Silly Song for The Fish Song. Lifespell was nominated in Best Serious Song catagory.
Full report here

listen to Christo's Sam Award Winning Silly Song

The Fish Song
- mp3 2mb - 2Tonic Filk Convention set version from back of hall (thanks to Dave Weingart for recording)

The Fish Song
- mp3 2mb - Convention award ceremony concert

2Tonic Setlist

Andromeda Bound
The Fish Song
Monkeys on the Moon
Lifespell (joined by Tim W
alker on talking drum)
theremin spot (Cry Me A River)
Circle of One
Oses Again (new song)
3 Headed Girl (with Mich, Katie & Marilisa)
theremin (improv)
Alien Salad Abduction
Alien Jellyfish Song

songs sung in circles
Empty House Time Machine, Carousell,
Unicorn Girl
Dezenove UK Filk Convention - Feb 07 - Basingstoke, UK
Christo took things easy at this con and CC didnlt have a set but sang in the 2shots and the circles and as guest on others setd.

Full report here

FKO 06 setlist
Killing Friends is Fun

songs sung in circles
Burn the Heretic Fen,
Alt. Universe Tomorrow (spoof Beatles Yesterday),
3 Headed Girl
FilkOntario Filk Convention - April 06 - Toronto, Canada
Christo had a fab time at Filkontario Filk Convention in Toronto
despite getting a throat infection just before the con. However he...
1. played a 60minute set with the assistance of Urban Tapestry (Jodi Krangle, Debbie Ridpath Ohi & Allison Durno) , & Georgina Sear all signed by signer Judy Miller including many pieces he had not played on stage before. Concert was filmed again by the filmcrew making the Filk film.
2. gave a theremin workshop
3. sat in on a juried song workshop
4. played 2 songs in circles - Monkeys on the Moon and Green Clothes
5. Played a new song The Fish Song (very silly) in Judy Miller's request set.
6. had fun

Full report here

Video of Christo playing twin whistles - mov - 8mb!
Needs the Quicktime player 7 to play video. click on icon.

FKO 06 setlist
Alien Salad Abduction,
Circle of One,
Lifespell (kalimba)
Bobby Caseys (low whistle),
The Lady (theremin instrumental with Allison on guitar),
Wonder (with Jodi),
Andromeda Bound (with Georgina & Jodi),
Carousell (with Georgina)
Alien Voices (keyboard)
Rainbow Real (twin whistles),
3 Headed Girl (with Urban Tapestry & 3 others)
Alien Jellyfish Song (with UT again).

songs sung in circles
Monkeys on the Moon, Green Clothes

song sung in Judi Miller concert
The Fish Song
Consonance Filk Convention - March 06 - Milpitas, California, USA
1. played 60 minute set
2. ran a theremin workshop
3. joined in on sets with Puzzlebox, Lyn Gold & Callie Hills
4. was interviewed by film crew, who filmed my entire set and I sang Alien Jellyfish Song for them after the interview.
5. sang 6 songs in circles plus accompanied Callie Hills, Seanan/Merav/Alisa and jammed with Margaret Davis & Kristoph Klover.
6. had fun...

Full report here
Tony Fabris' great report with photos and videos here
Photos soon

Links to video files by Tony Fabris taken at Consonance - click on icons - big files!
They need the Quicktime player to view the videos
Christo playing theremin - mov - 144Mb!!!
kalimba snippet - mov - 74Mb
Christo in a circle - mov - 124Mb

Consonance 06 setlist

Andromeda Bound
Sci-fi Eyes
Long Days Waiting - kalimba & flute
Alien Salad Abduction
Circle of One
Over the Rainbow - theremin
Burn the Heretic Fen - shaker
Virtual Girl - elec piano
Star Trek - theremin
Rainbow Real - twin whistles
3 Headed Girl (with Erin, Taunya & Alisa)
Alien Jellyfish Song - piano

+ guest spots with Puzzlebox (twice), Lynn Gold,
Callie Hills, Seanan McGuire
- in circles
Carousell, Nobody Loves Me (Like I Do), Lifespell,
Monkeys on the Moon, Age of Miracles, Green Clothes

1812 UK Filk Convention - Feb 06 - Grantham, UK
1. played 30minute set
2. won a Sam Award for his new song Circle of One
3. ran a theremin workshop
4. joined in a Celtic workshop
5. ran the sound desk for several hours.
6. played song with an instant band - an Unstaband
7. sang 1 song in circle and fooled around with Bill Sutton initiating new filkers
9. played guest spot on guitar with Brenda Sutton
10. had fun...

Full report here
Photos here

1812 setlist

Alien Salad Abduction
Scence Fiction Eyes
Burn the Heretic Fen (shaker)
le of One
theremin section
(Star Trek theme, Boy in Room, Sams Song & improv)
Alien Jellyfish Song (piano)

+ guest spot with Brenda Sutton
- in circle
Life is an Intermittant Fault (CC/Rob Wynne song)
Dixseption Filk Convention - Feb 05 - Portsmouth, UK
so filkcon came and went. Fun was had. I was taking it easy this year combining a w/e holiday and a filkcon.

Hotel was fun in it's faded glory - lobby was nice meeting point.

Music - I just sang 2 songs at thr main concert Science Fiction Eyes and Monkeys on the Moon dedicated to autographedcat and kitanzi who gave me a game they found with the same name. I did guest spots on whistles with Dave Weingart and Mich & Marlisia's s sets. And that was it.

Also nice walks had by the sea and very good chinese restaurant on Sat night.

filcolaire and telynor 's wedding on Sunday was simply beautiful - my 1st pagan wedding. - presided over by Brenda & Bill Sutton with the perfect blend ofv passion, clarity and levity that they bring to their music and Con running.

Dixseption Setlist
Science Fiction Eyes
Monkeys on the Moon
+ 2 guest spots with Mich & Marilisa & Dave Weingart
July 2004
Confluence Convention - Pittsburgh PA, USA

bad stuff
1. 11 hour flight delay
2. on flight sat next to man who coughed every 30secs for 7hrs
3. having to spend the night in Newark Airport
4. getting sick on day 1 of the Confluence convention
5. getting post-viral exhaustion in New York for 3 days

6. didn't get to spend much quality time with friends at Con
7. suitcase broke on arrival
8. friend Merav didn't make it to con due to flight cancellation
9. only well enough to catch 1 act at con right thru - missed Urban Tapestry's set :-(

good stuff
1. met Andrea Dale after 4 years corresponding
2. got just well enough to play 1hour set at the Con and sit/play in the Sat night late filk circle
3. sold 21 CDs
4. met/remet lots of great folks
5. met wonderful oboeist Natalie Twigg in flight-delay hotel and jammed
6. in NY went to Times Sq, Gugenheim Gallery & Greenwich Village and spent time with filker friends Merav & Jon and met up with Renee Spizz after 4 years.
7. saw Bo Diddley in airport
8. caught Dave Rood's great set - clever stuff
9. Juanita Coulson showed me her kalimba tuned in whole tone scale
10. UT singing with me on my set - esp hot on 3 Headed Girl

All in all a great Con with a great filk track organised by Randy Hoffman who showed me round Pittsburgh and was a great host. The trip itself was pretty much ruined due to illness which was hugely frustrating at times. Here's to better travelling luck in future...

Confluence setlist

1. Alien Salad Abduction
2. Andromeda Bound - with Jodi Krangle
3. Long Days Waiting - kalimba
4. Science Fiction Eyes
5. Star Trek Theme - jazz piano version
5. Monkeys on the Moon - piano
6. Age of Miracles
7. Rainbow Real - twin whistles
8. Green Clothes
9. Wonder - with Jodi Krangle
10. Three Headed Girl
- with Urban Tapestry, Mary Bertke, Andrea Dale, & ?
11. The Alien Jellyfish Song - with Urban Tapestry

11. Islands

in the circle
Orbital Filk Recording Studio - USA version

16Tones UK Filk Con report - as UK Guest of Honour
Great Con - more fun than a bag of cats. Lots of lovely people, some great music - easy-going con. photos below

Cool things that happened from a playing perspective were...
1. CC played a 90 minute concert

2. CC won a Sam Award for his song Orbital Filk Recording Studio. (a Sam is the UK filk Oscar) in the silly song catagory
3. he played 7 songs new to most UK filkers - in circleshe performed 2 songs by Country Joe McDonald he has never sung before.
4. he performed Skyrider from the Alien Salad Abduction CD which has neve rbeen performed before.
5. Katy Dröge sang lead vocal on Islands !
6. on Three Headed Girl he was accompanied by Mich Sampson, Katy Dröge & Marilisa Valtazanou who were awesome in the title role
7. CC ran his first theremin workshop
8. a CC song was filked for the 1st time - by Brain Biddle who filked Alien Salad Abduction as Alien Salad Invasion - very funny!
9. CC sold 24 CDs at the con, and a further 35 to the Tales from the White Hart stall to sell in the USA

The gig
All went pretty well - only annoyances were me switching off my guitar on Take Me Away - what a fool! And forgetting some lines on Wonder (doh!) - Stilll the rest worked fine and it was lovely having Katy sing Islands, my VERY new song Orbital Recording Engineer I had to read but it went down well and in the end won a SAM Award for silly song. *blush* - I really enjoyed 3 Headed Girl with the 3 girls singing and being the 3 headed girl. - and 3 other being my 3 headed daughter of the song ! Melusine had given me a fun pink alien jellyfish which came in very handy on one song!
Finished around 12.30 - whoosh !. I wasn't much use for much else that night? it went as well as it coulda and the audience were wonderful :-)

All in all? Not very relaxing for me but a great con. Sold some CDs thanks to the Whittakers and especially to the Sands who bought many up front to sell in the states. Nice for me to catch up with Sibylle who I hadn't seen in ages. Also Jana arrived Sat - it was nice to catch up. Also cool to see Alexa and meet her man Soenke & son Juri. Also Shaya & Pug. Katy & Ju of course - always such a delight to chat with them - got their new CD too - go get yours!!!
I didn't have much time for quality chats chatting to many others unfortunately -
I wish I'd had a bit more energy - the mild bug, the air conditioning and nervousness effected me more than I'dve liked. Sorry to those to whome I appeared vacant.

Well done to the Con Com - a seamless mellow con, and I'm thrilled to bits to've been the UK Guest of Honour, to be filked for the 1st time, and with my Sam Award !

16Tones Setlist

1 Alien Salad Abduction
2 Science Fiction Eyes
3 Long Days Waiting - kalimba
4 Monkeys on the moon - pno
5 Take me away
6 Stormy Point
7 Islands - lead sung by Katy Dröge
8 Orbital Filk Recording Studio

1 Skyrider - vocals & harmonizer
2 Andromeda Bound - gtr & vocals & harmonizer
3 Green Clothes - pno
4 The Answer - piano
5 Star Trek theme - theremin
6 Deep in the Bowels of the Ship - theremin & fx improv
7 Wonder
8 Three Headed Girl - with Mich, Marilisa , & Katy
9 Alien Jellyfish Song - keyboards -

songs sung in filk circles
UFO - gtr - Country Joe McDonald song
Space Patrol - gtr Country Joe McDonald song
The Age of Aquarius - kbd
Nobody Loves Me (Like I Do)
Forget About You

January 04
Atlanta - GaFilk Report !
Christo played at - GaFilk - the Georgia Filk Convention in January 2004

Cool things that happened were...
1. seeing so many old pals - CC hadn't seen Jodi Krangle & Debbie Ridpath Ohi for 4 years

2. meeting so many new ones - Mary Crowell & CC had been in email contact for quite a while but met for the 1st tiem at GaFilk - also a thrill to meet and hear the Three Weird Sisters and Echoes Children, & Ookla The Mok guys Rand & Adam, and Bill Roper. And countless others...

3. Christo played a 30min concert slot on the Friday - see photos

4. CC was joined by Jodi Krangle on Wonder and by Jodi & Debbie also from Urban Tapestry on The Alien Jellyfish Song

5. The Alien Jellyfish Song was included the GaFilk Songbook thanks to notation of the song by Mary Crowell.

6. Jodi , Mary Crowell & jazz band performed The Alien Jellyfish Song at the big banquet on Sat night - everyone danced !

7. CC played low whistle on 1 song on Guest of Honour, Mich Sampson's set

8. Keyboard Thing item - Christo, Mary Crowell, Mich Sampson, Dave Ruud, Blake Hodgetts - all on keyboards - CC sang 2 songs and accompanied others and jammed.

9. CC sold 48 CDs

Gafilk Setlist

1. Alien Salad Abduction
2. Long Days Waiting - kalimba
3. Monkeys on the Moon
4. Wonder - with Jodi Krangle
5. Star Trek theme - piano instrumental
6. Green Clothes - piano
7. Rainbow Real - twin whistles instrumental
8. The Alien Jellyfish Song - keyboards - with
Jodi Krangle & Debbie Ridpath Ohi

songs sung in filk circles
Science Fiction Eyes
Nobody Loves Me (Like I Do)
I Want Something (kalimba)
Andromeda Bound (with Jodi Krangle)

songs sung in "Keyboard Thing" item
Sun Song (Leon Thomas song)
Replicator Malfunction Blues
with Christo, Mary Crowell, Mich Sampson,
Dave Ruud, Blake Hodgetts - all on keyboards



love & peace & outer space