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Jazz Orient aka Re-Orient

Jazz Orient / Re-Orient
Jazz Orient, (or Re-Orient, as they are known on their ARC label albums) are one of the most amazing bands on Earth.
A unique blend of 3 distinctive artists from different musical backgrounds dedicated to working together to make wonderful new music.

There is no dogma, just a meeting and celebration of each others music and a desire to create something greate than the sum of it's parts.They regularly tour the country and work with guest musicians expanding the sound. They have recorded 7 internationally released CDs together...

Jazz Orient / Re-Orient are...
Baluji Shrivastav

Multi-instrumentalist uniquely recording classical CDs on sitar, surbhahar, and dilruba. Performed all over the world and worked with many famous western artists - Massive Attack, Soul II Soul, and Annie Lennox to name a few.

Linda Shanovitch
A unique vocal artist, combining her interest in jazz, opera and studies in Indian Classical music and dance and years spent living in Mexico to make a unique musical palette from which she draws amazing performances.

Chris Conway
A multi-instrumental wizard, active in the jazz, world music, new age and folk worlds. He has many years experience in Indian fusion music having worked with Dr L Subramanium, Ramesh Mishra, Gavin Bryars, and others.
Special guests have included
Talvin Singh - tabla
Sakari Kukko - saxophone, piano
Ustad Faiyaz Khan - tabla
Andrew Platt - bass
Michael Parker - drums, tabla
Gerry Hunt - saxophone, guitar, flute, violin
Clive Bell - bansuri
Partho Mukherjee - tabla
Guy Barker - trumpet
Andy Sheppard - saxophone
Hossam Ramzy - percussion
Eric Junkes - saxophone

Yousuf Ali Khan - tabla

jazz orient/re-orient - alchemy fest gig report
Jazz Orient / Re-Orient @ The Purcell Room 2013
Jazz Orient - aka Re-Orient - played a great set at the Purcell Room, Southbank, London as part of Baluji Shrivastav's night at the Alchemy Festival. Jazz Orient played the first set, which was followed by Baluji's piece An Indian In London for sitar & orchestra.
JO/ReO played some pieces form the new album Undiscovered Timeand some old favourites including Dangerous Ground which they first recorded 22 years ago, and as always, an improvisation... Photos when we get them...
See photos here

The band was a 6 piece with returning old friends in the Jazz Orient family - line-up..
Baluji Shrivastav - sitar, dilruba, pakhawaj, ghatam, temple bells
Linda Shanovitch - vocals, ankle bells, dance
Chris Conway - keyboards, Irish whistles, vocals, theremin, kalimba, bombarde
Gerry Hunt - soprano saxophone, guitar, flute, violin, percussion
Andy Platt - bass, guitar synthesizer
Yousef Ali Khan - tabla

Setlist -Dangerous Ground, Brave Boy, Child Of The Emerald Air, Portrait Of A Swan, I Am A Note, Tides, Vanita's Dance, Improvisation, Boss Me Around, Rendezvous With Rama

Re-Orient - Undiscovered Time - new release
Re-Orient Seven Steps To The Sun CD

Re-Orient's 1999 album Seven Steps To The Sun has been re-released next month with new cover art on the ARC label... This is great news - this was one of our best studio albums and I ended up producing it because I was the only one keeping nerdy notes of who was playing on what track.
CD Re-Orient Seven Steps To the Sun old
Re-Orient - Undiscovered Time - new release

Re-Orient release first album in 5 years.
Re-Orient release their new album Undiscovered Time on the ARC label. Featuring their usual host of exotic instruments and guest musicians French sax player Eric Junkes and long time associate Andy Platt on bass, Undiscovered Time is one of the greatest releases. While in the studio they realised that they were celebrating their 20th anniversary together as a band.

Chris says - "I'm really pleased with how this came out - I think it's one of our best albums. I think we've captured what we do best in the past and we've moved things on too with subtle hints of electronic and ambient music amongst the Indo-jazz.

For more info check out the Re-Orient Undiscovered Time CD page

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as Re-Orient
Re-Orient Seven Steps To The Sun CD
Re-orient indian world music fusion cd
as Jazz Orient
Jazz Orient - Bird Dancer CD

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