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Re-Orient - Indian World Music Fusion
Re-Orient - Indian World Music Fusion

Baluji Shrivastav -
sitar, voice, ghatam, dilruba, darbuka, pakhavaj, tabla
Linda Shanovitch -
voice, tanpura, ankle bells, percussion
Chris Conway -
keyboards, voice, acoustic 9string guitar, tin whistles, kalimba, sampled bass, bamboo flute, mandozither, percussion
+ guests  
Gerry Hunt - classical guitar, soprano sax, violin, flutes, bass, percussion
Clive Bell - Indian bamboo flutes
Partho Mukherjee - tabla, ghatam
Hossam Ramzy* - darabuka, duff - track 6

* (2010 re-release only)

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jazz orient

Bird Dancer


Tarana 14


Pani Hari
Child of the Emerald Air
Taal Manjari - The Flowering of Rhythm*
Karuna Carina
Unforgotten Days
In the Bamboo Forest
Tarana 16
* re-release only

Jazz Orient
This album on the ARC label is an instrumental classic.
The wealth of instruments, the amazing playing, and the feeling of empathy between the players makes this a landmark recording including extended new versions for 6 piece band of some pieces from the Jazz Orient - Bird Dancer album.

"a vertitable feast of sound.
Lovely stuff" - LA Daily News

Jazz Orient (or Re-Orient as the record company prefered them to be known) got the deal to record with ARC not long after Bird Dancer was released. ARC also wanted more of a world music album and less of a jazz one, and no songs. This led the group to decide to record multi-track re-arranged
versions of existing material with some improvisations.

The album was quite a difficult album to make - new studio, time restrictions, new (to the band) recording techniques all played a part. The epic 15 minute version of Tarana 16 took quite a time. There are some real gems on the recording though, the improvisations proving particularly inspired. The new arrangements of the Bird Dancer tracks were all considerable advancements. Unforgotten Days was used on a BBC TV serial.

Dr L Subramanium, Piirpauke, Okay Temiz, Flora Purim, Oregon, Kolinda

1, 4, 5, 8 by Chris Conway
2, 6, 10 by Bauluji Shrivastav
10 by Linda Shanovitch
9 by Conway/Hunt/Bell
7 by
3 by

Bird Dancer was dedicated to violinist Dr L Subramanium whom Chris worked with on an Indian dance interpretation of the Taming of the Shrew which featured dancers portraying birds.

came from Linda's song cycle about Hindu gods and goddesses which was a childrens book with accompanying tape.

Unforgotten Days
was used in a BBC TV drama program about taxi drivers called Roger Roger.

Child of the Emerald Air became a live favourite of the band - a version can be heard on their Live at the South Bank album as "Emerald Airchild"

In 2010 ARC Music re-released the album with new cover art and including 1 track from the 3rd Re-Orient album

CC's fave track -Unforgotten Days

Ambience - Jasper

Re-Orient is acclaimed Indian classical musician Baluji Shrivastav with members of the group Jazz Orient, plus various guest artists. Together, on Indian World Music Fusion, they present 23 different musical instruments, and a fusion of styles that draws upon both traditional and improvisational sources.
As the sleeve notes tell us, the band would like us to let go of dogma and listen from the heart. The amalgam of talents and Eastern and Western approaches has produced an invigorating and unique recording. This is further achieved through the diverse combination of instruments, such as Irish tin whistle and ghatam, as found on the superb Child of the Emerald Air, or saxophone and sitar on Unforgotten Days, and flute and dilruba on the improvised PaniHari. Great jazz elements are threaded throughout, but no more keenly felt than on the delightful Tarana16, which features a terrific piano solo, along with eclectic vocalisations from Linda Shanovitch. Her voice, meld seamlessly with all the other instrumentation and is peppered throughout the 10 tracks.
Indian World Music is a gem to discover, unfolding in many interesting directions.

LA Daily News, USA - Fred Shuster

"In this unusual but recommended world music hybrid, outstanding Indian classical musicians interact with jazz soloists for a vertitable feast of sound. There are improvised ragas in which sax, bamboo flute and tabla dialogue, fast Turkish rhythms, meetings of sitar and 12-string guitar, peaceful musical reflections via soprano sax and gorgeous melodies throughout. Lovely stuff. ***"

Re-Orient Indian World Music Fusion
originally released with this artwork with 1 less track.

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Re-Orient & Baluji Shrivastav - Indian World Music Fusion

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