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etherwheel - theremin & hurdy-gurdy

Etherwheel album Theremin & Hurdy-gurdy

Earth's Shadow
Alien Shores
Internal Waves
False Sunrise
Gravity Well
Recurring Dream
The Far Future

Chris Conway -
theremin, effects - electric 9 string guitar on 6
Dave Powell -
hurdy-gurdy, effects - symphony on 7

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Live improvisations of soundscapes for theremin and hurdy-gurdy and effects.

One night at one of the Quadelectronic electronic improvisation sessions that Chris organises, Dave and Chris were drawn out of the hat to play as a duo. Despite the very different nature of the instruments, both enjoyed using effects and delays to build up adagio-like soundscapes. They discussed with amusment the possibility of a theremin & hurdy-gurdy album. Over the course of 4 and a half years, they sought to record more live outings and this album is the result.

Each instrument poses it's own challenge. The hurdy-gurdy with it's buttons to hold down the notes seems inflexible, but using the wheel brings out many different textures. The theremin which you don't touch at all is almost too flexible and requires much control, but every quiver of the hand changes the note. Add electronic effects to each and they complement eachother well making spacey soundscapes. The hurdy-gurdy provides the edge, the theremin the warmth.

Chris and Dave decided to make an album involving the same endless adagio sound, making a similar soundworld throughout. They hope to do future studio recordings using other appraoches and other instruments, but the dream of a theremin & hurdy-gurdy album is fulfilled.

Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, Mark O'Leary, Barbara Buchholz

Recorded live in Leicester UK at :-
1. Quadelectronic 63, 20th August 2013
2. Quadelectronic 33, 22nd February 2011
3. Electronic Umbrella, Stenchival 10, 8th August 2010
4. Quadelectronic 11, 28th April 2009
5. Quadelectronic 38, 26th July 2011
6. Quadelectronic 14, 28th July 2009
7. Quadelectronic 64, 24th September 2013
8. Quadelectronic 62, 23rd July 2013

Quadelectronic events held at Quad Studios
Stenchival 10 was held at Fabrika International Arts Centre

Chris Conway plays Moog Etherwave Pro & Etherwave Standard theremins with Moog, Digitech, Boss, & Lexicon effects.

Dave Powell plays 6 string guitar-shaped hurdy gurdy made by Bill Molan, 4 string chromatic symphony made by Toomas Marga, with Zoom GFX8 guitar effects processor, Boss pedals.

CC's fave track -The Far Future

Sound quality is better on the album - sound on videos is unmastered straight from the mixing desk.

2. Alien Shores

4. False Sunrise

5. Supercooling

6. Gravity Well

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etherwheel - theremin & hurdy-gurdy - back Etherwheel album Theremin & Hurdy-gurdy