Chris Conway @ Ambient Underground
In live electronic perfomances Chris Conway combines the theremin, voice and flutes with effects and synthesizers to create a richly textured music that walks the border of soundscapes and tonal ambient harmonies and drones.

He has released many albums of electronic music under his own name and in various groups - check them out below - some albums are available as free downloads in a choice of formats.

Chris Conway has recorded many albums including the theremin and performed at The Royal Festival Hall and given theremin workshops in the UK and USA.


He runs Quadelectronic - a monthly improvised electronic music event in Leicester. See videos of Quadelectronic events on the videos page.


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Recording Vlog 11

26th June 2017
memory wire - dervish house - new release
Memeory Wire - Dervish House

Ambient duo Memory Wire release new album Dervish House. It is their 9th album and their first for 2 years.
All tracks feature special guest guitarist & bassist Dave Everitt, who also featured on the group's Parallel album. It also features on one track vocalist Linda Faulkner who sang on their previous Underground album.

The plan was to make an album with a stronger minimal music influence - this time we went for it with a long first and short 2nd track. The third track continues the minimal theme, then transforms to an albient dreamscape, a vibe which carried through the rest of the album. We are delighted at the result!

see web page here
hear it here

15th May 2017
electric skies - promo video - so far away

Chris Conway Electric Skies

30th March 2017
quadelectronic 100 - Volume 1 & 2 - new releases

Quadelectronic is the monthly electronic improvisation event I organise and to celebrate our 100th event we said we would release all of the music from the night and here it is. A splendid night it was with 9 musicians and our liquid lightshow artist Lumiere Ogbanje -

Chris Conway:
theremin, electric piano, low whistle, vocals, effects
Jez Creek: iPads, effects
Steve Escott: bass, effects
Linda Faulkner: vocals
Alan Freeman: Korg MS-20, effects
Steve Freeman: Moog Rogue, bowed CD, effects
Dave Powell: symphony hurdy-gurdy, effects
Matt Stone: guitar, effects
Jim Tetlow: laptop with keyboard, cajón

There is variety on both volumes but Volume 1 is the more sounds based and Volume 2 the more melodic. You can stream them online or download them and name your own price (including £0)


28th March 2017
quadelectronic documents - new archive
Audible Light - Essence

An archive of all recordings made at Quadelectronic events over the past 8 and a half years is being uplodaded by Alan Freeman. More recordings are being added all the time from the very first Quadelectronic 1 in 17 June 2008.

It's fascinating hearing these undedited recordings. Although each event has it;s own atmosphere, it is fair to say we have eveolved over the years to more of an ambient aesthetic. Things were pretty lively and noisy back then and we started out doing long improvisations where players dropped in and out as they please. Only after a few months did I come up with the randomly chosen groups playing for 7ish minutes format.

26th February 2017
audible light - essence - new release
Audible Light - Essence

Audible Light release our 5th album Essesnce on the Zorpin label.
Recorded live at the Ambient Underground 6 concert at The Cookie, Leicester in January in multitrack enabling us to mix it really nicely. Guitarist/violinist Chris Thornhill joined us a special guest on 2 tracks.
Every Audible Light album has a slightly different vibe and this onehas an airy, floaty feel. There are some great minimal music tracks and some spacey waftiness too. As always, balance is our thing.
CDrs available soon, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify in a few weeks.
Hear it here, and download it if you like for £5

1st October2016
electric skies - new release - ambient theremin album
Chris Conway - Electric Skies

5 years after Adagios Electric I have released another album of ambient solo theremin & effects (plus a little low whsitle, voice, and shaker) I recorded it one afternoon (4th October) as a way to rehearse for my solo theremin perfomance opening for the legendary prog rock band The Enid.
Interesting to hear the differences in 5 years - I was using similar effects. I think some subtle refinements can be heard. Anyway it sounds pretty anyway so check it out.

It's downloadable or streamable on Bandcamp now - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify in a month plus I can sell you a lovingly handcrafterd CDr on a you-want-one-I'll-print-one basis.

21st September 2015
audible light - submergence
Audible Light release their 3rd album on the Zorpin label.
Hot on the trail of recent studio album Luminescence, Submergence was recorded at the Ambient Underground event in May.
Just 2 tracks, the first being an extraordinary piece almost 45mins long, has a really rich underwater feel to it and goes through many shifting soundcapes. Guest vocalist Linda Faulkner joins the group on the 2nd track which has a wonderful floating feel to it.

It is now downloadable from Bandcamp (iTunes & Amazon etc to follow next month). We also have a handful of lovingly handcrafted CDrs for sale :-)
See the webpage for Submergence.

20th September 2016
quadelectronic 100!

Another milestone for the monthly improvised electronic music session I run at Quad Studios - for 100 months we have made our strange sounds.

The plan this time was to have Jim Tetlow record it all on his multi-track and release the best it somehow. Luckily it was a really great session of moody subtle ambient music.
Watch this space for a release.

29th June 2016
quadelectronic - 8th anniversary!
Quadelectronic 8th Anniversary

Monthly electronic improvisation session Quadelectronic celebrated it's 8th anniversary at Quadelectronic 97 at Quad Studios, Leicester this month.
7 players and liquid lighting master Lumiere Ogbanje gathered as usual and improvised in randomly chosen groups for 7minutes at a time.
They also played my anniversary game I devised at our 5th Anniversary. - all play - 8 minute piece - only 8 notes/sounds aloud, each lasting 8 seconds.

There was also a game of Tag Trio - a trio starts and as each player leaves, they tag another player to replace them. In the end we all ended up playing as a septet.
Here's to the next 8 years!

27th June 2016
Audible light - convergence - promo video

25th May 2016
audible light - convergence - new release!
Audible Light - Convergence

Ambient quartet Audible Light release their 4th album Convergence on the Zorpin label. Recorded live at the Ambient Underground 4 event in April at The Cookie in Leicester UK.

There are 3 tracks including the 40 minute Night Forest which features special guest Dave Powell from Etherwheel on hurdy-gurdy & effects on one track. The vibe with the album is a nocturnal atmospheric feel which flows between between lyrical, electronic and minimal passages.

Convergence can be streamed online or downloaded from Bandcamp for £5 or can be ordered on CDr from the webpage for £9.

2nd September 2015
ambient underground 2 - audible light + modular esp
Another Ambient Undergound even is planned for...
Wed 30th September
at The Cookie, High St Leicester
doors 7.30pm, music 8pm, £4

For the moment
at least Ambient Underground events are going to be quarterly gigs with Audible Light + Guest - Last month's guest was Linda Faulkner. This month we have Modular ESP, our from Nottingham who is a regualr at Quadelectronic and set up a gig for Memory Wire at his event there. He gets amazing sounds from his unique customized set of kit and gizmos.

Audible Light hope to be prmoting not only our recent studio album Luminescence (got your copy yet?) but also a new live album recorded at the previous Ambient Underground event.

Modular ESP will have a set, as will Audible Light, then we'll doa set together. We also will have a liquid light show by Lumiere Ogbange.

Facebook event page

19th August 2015
memory wire - underground - new release
Memory Wire release their 8th album on the Zorpin label.
Featuring live recordings from the Ambient Underground event and one track from Quadelectronic 78.

The album features special guests guitarist Andy Atyeo, and Les Hayden - both from the Audible Light group, and vocalist Linda Faulkner.
It's a beautiful set of ambient electro-acoustic music and captures the wonderful peaceful vibe of that Ambient Underground concert. The sound is like entering a warm cavern where lights are reflecting off the twinkly crystals on the walls. Well that's what we think anyway :-)

It will be on Bandcamp for download frst, then iTunes, Amazon & Spotify etc in about a month. As usual we have made a handful of loveingly hand crafted CDs.

29th July 2015
audible light - luminescence - 2 videos
2 videos for tracks from Audible Light's new album Luminescence

A Hazy Memory

15th June 2015
audible light - luminescence - new release
Audible Light's follow-up studio album to their debut Radiance is released. Like Radiance, it was recorded in one afternoon, yet sounds amazingly clear and composed.

Instrumentation is similar to last time...
Andy Atyeo - electric guitar, synthesizer, laptop
Chris Conway - piano, keyboards, theremin, electric 9 string guitar, voice, Irish whistles, dulcimer, chimes, effects
Les Hayden -
bass, tenori-on
Jim Tetlow -
laptop with keyboard, cajon

There are 4 tracks.

13th June 2015
memory wire - fingerprints - see the whole concert!
One year ago Memory Wire played at Fingerprints Delicafe, Leicester - our first cocnert as sole artists as part of the ArtBeat Festival. We recorded the night and released the Fingerprints album.
Now Jim has processed all the video footage taken at the concert and uploaded it to youTube so you can see the whole concert (and album) as it happened.

20th May 2015
memory wire & audible light - gig report
Ambient Underground presents... Memory Wire & Ambient Light @ The Cookie, Leicester -

An improvised electronic ambient music night featuring Memory Wire (me & Jim Tetlow) - and Audible Light - our first gig!! - (a quartet of me, Jim, plus Andy Atyeo and Les Hayden) - plus we had a guest Linda Faulkner on vocals and our chum Lumiere Ogbange doing a liquid lightshow.

A bit of a rainy night so not a huge crowd but a quorum, plus we sold 5 CDs :-) A set of Memory Wire, then one by Audible Light, each joined by Linda later in each set.

Musically it went really well - Jim and I felt at ease to explore a bit with Memory Wire - not trying to be any one thing but going where we wanted at the time. The Audible Light set felt very special - something happens when we 4 play together - a strange calm descends - no one dominates - the players listen and sometimes someone adds an impetus and the others follow.

The soundman Rich kindly multi-track recorded it for us so it will be interesting to hear if it sounds as good as we remember. Audible Light also had a session recording in the studio so it is possible there will be 2 albums from all this if all goes well.

12th January 2015
audible light - radiance - great reveiw
We received a great review for Audible Light's album Radiance.
It is on the Astounded By Sound review blog written by Roger Trenwith, describing it as "a restful journey through a prism of distilled high quality ambience of a thoughtful and symapthetic kind."
Read the review here
Check out the album page

12th October 2014
audible light - radiance - new release
A new release from new ambient quartet Audible Light is released on the Zorpin label. Recorded at my Aloft Studios, Radiance is one of the most beautiful albums of music I have recorded. When we were recording it we knewit was something special - a really restrained delicate music was captured - soundscapes, minimal music, and rhythmns, world music and touches of jazz piano. Just a great balanced set.
Check out the album page


Andy Atyeo - electric guitar, synthesizer, laptop
Chris Conway -
piano, keyboards, theremin, electric 9 string guitar, voice, Irish whistles, kalimba, effects
Les Hayden - bass, ebow, tenori-on
Jim Tetlow - laptop with keyboard, cajon
Hear the whole album

10th September 2014
memory wire - new video

New video for track Watching You Shine - to promote the Fingerprints album.

25th August 2014
memory wire - fingerprints - new release

Memory Wire release a new album recorded live at their concert at Fingerprints Delicafe, Leicester UK as part of the ArtBeat Festival.

The concert was their first whole concert as sole artists on the bill. The album, called "Fingerprints" is dedicated to the memory of Gareth Carnall, the owner of Fingerprints Delicafe who hosted the concert and passed away a month later.

The album is one of their Memory Wire's most accessable albums, with rhythms and minimal music being more of a feature, after the glowing ambient soundscapes of the previous Auram album.

Fingerprints is downloadable from Bandcamp for £5 - YouTube, Amazon and CD to follow soon.

13th June 2014
CC25 part 3 - memory wire - gig report
Again as part of the Artbeat Festival, Memory Wire (Chris Conway & Jim Tetlow's electronic ambient duo) played our first full concert (as the only act on the bill) at Fingerprints Delicafe.

Fingerprints hadn't had music there for over 20 years, and it was nice for us as we often meet there to discuss band stuff.

The place was full and we played 3 x 25min sets and got a great response and sold some copies of our new album Aura.

Jim did make a multitrack recording of the concert though whether a live album will eb made from it or just use the sounds as raw material for a studio album in the future is not clear. Thanks to everyone who came to see us.
see the photos here

10th May 2014
memory wire - aura - now on cd - digipack
Memory Wire release our 6th album - Aura.
Memory Wire's new album Aura is now available on CD in a beautiful digipack case. We made a limited edition set of 50 for promotion purposes but they are also available for sale.
Memory Wire play a gig at Fingerprints Cafe in Leicester on the 12th June. There is also talk of doing a launch gig for Aura soon.Memory Wire Aura

20th February 2014
memory wire - aura - promo video

Pormo video using the title track.

20th February 2014
memory wire - aura - new release

Memory Wire release our 6th album - Aura.
This time we went for a very delicate ambient music where it is not easy to make out what instruments are making the sounds.

The title track we have been working on little by little for over two years and it became the blueprint for how we wanted the album to sound overall. All tracks were recorded at Jim Tetlow and my studios apart the track Eternal which was recorded live at Quadelectronic 62.

We are planning to tout the album round some other labels and network more to try and get this out there to more people.