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Chris Conway CD Glisten

Open Doors
Carried In the Breeze
It Was There All Along
Momentus Day
Endless Search
A Glimpse Inside
Dream Corridor
Let Night And Wisdom Cover All

Chris Conway - piano

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Chris Conway
Haunting and evocative piano music.

One day I decided to just go up to the piano and just play. With these improvisations I wanted to create music simply and instinctively - not try and be too clever, not demonstate any virtuosity. Just follow where my musical heart took me.

I recorded one piece a day - giving time between so I'd arrive at the piano fresh.

In the run up to recording this I lstened to a lot of music by the piano players that first inspired me on the piano - see list below.

Some thought was required of course, not to duplicate ideas and to have some variety, but by and large I found success in recording these pieces was when I was "in the zone" of unconcious thought. Just the odd steer here and there but mostly follow my heart and instinct.

Momentus Day

Steve Kuhn, Terry Riley, Richie Beirach, Rainer Bruninghaus, John Taylor, Bobo Stenson, ECM, Mike Nock, Alexander Scriabin, Keith Jarrett

The first release on a new label Aloft.

A Glimpse Inside - refers to a slight reference to pieces The Inside World 1 and 2 on the Leaf Storm and Think Blue Count Two albums

CC's fave track - Momentus Day


R2 Magazine

.... 4 stars
Wearing one of his many alternative musical hats, Chris Conway composes and performs delightful piano music – Leicester’s answer to George Winston, perhaps? Glisten, subtitled Solo Piano Improvisations, is but the latest example. It’s a truly lovely collection, at times contemplative, delicate, resonant – and consistently engaging. When I want to switch off from the world outside (and the world inside my head), it’s just this sort of album I turn to. I’m amazed all over again.
David White

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