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Chris Conway's experience in music is unparalleled
Celtic and Indian and many other world musics, folk, jazz, electronic and more.

Chris plays piano/keyboards, 9 string guitar, tin & low whistles, kalimba, theremin, bamboo flute, and zither as well as vocals.

He has played and recorded with...
Llewellyn & Juliana, Kevin Kendle, Jackie Newcombe, and The Harps of Avalon. He has played with members of Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention, composer Gavin Bryars, tabla player Talvin Singh, and violin virtuosos Dr L Subramanium. He has released a number of CDs with the Indian World Fusion group Re-Orient. He also plays in Celtic group Govannen and new age group Aramara.


It is Chris Conway's ability to bring his huge experience of different musics, together with his skills on so many acoustic instruments together with his knowledge of state of the art electronics that makes his music special. He has an very strong feeling for harmony and the effect of that hamony on the emotions that make the feel of a Chris Conway new age album so distinctive.

Chris says of his music - "Whatever music project I do or whatever the focus of an album is, I always make sure every album I make is a REAL album - one you'll get a lot out of LISTENING to as well as, at other times, play for relaxation, yoga, reiki, meditation, spa treatments etc..."


Healing / Meditation / Ambient
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Ayurveda Gold
Chris Conway Celtic Gold
Chris Conway - Guiding Light CD
Chris Conway - Ayurveda CD

Spirits Series & atmospheric / evocative
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Mo Coulson & Chris Conway - The Enchanted Forest
Chris Conway & Mo Coulson - Spirits Of The Angels
Chris Conway - Spirits of the River

Dreamer Series - music for relaxation and sleep
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Chris Conway Flute Dreamer
Chris Conway Piano Dreamer
Chris Conway Buddha Dreamer album

Just Piano
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Chris Conway Outside In
Chris Conway - Midnight Window Blue
Chris Conway CD Piano Natural
Chris Conway Piano
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World Music
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Conway Achalo Three Jewels And A Lotus
Chris Puleston & Chris Conway - The Healing Drum CD
Will Pimlett & Chris Conway - Summoning The Spirit CD

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Govannen - Celtic Air
Govannen Celtic Christmas
Celtic Christmas
Govannen cd Celtic Earth
Celtic Earth
govannen cd celtic fire
Govannen - Healing Waters CD

Relaxing / Ambient/ Chillout
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Memory Wire - Dervish House
Audible Light - Essence
Audible Light - Convergence
Audible Light - Submergence
Audible Light - Luminescence
Audible Light - Radiance
Memory Wire - Underground
Memory Wire - Fingerprints
Memory Wire Aura
Chris Conway - Through Mirrors We Met
Chris Conway CD Retracing My Steps
Bridge CD


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Chris Conway Out Of The Blue
Chris Conway Time Traveller CD

26th September 2017
mo coulson & chris conway - the enchanted forest
- new release
Mo Coulson & Chris Conway - The Enchanted Forest 

Mo Coulson & Chris Conway's 3rd album The Enchanted Forest is now out.

CDs are available from the album page

Downloads - Bandcamp - - - Mo Coulson Chris Conway album The Enchanted Forest album

- Spotify - Bandcamp

It is a multi-instrumental journey through an enchanted forest, and like the last 2 albums Spirits Of The Mermaid, and Spirits Of The Angels. there is a story to follow in the liner notes which are also on the Bandcamp and album website pages.

We've been recording it through the spring and summer and we are delighted how it has turned out. It is the 2nd album on my new Twilight Sky label.
Enjoy the journey. :-)

14th July 2017
a full moon summer night's dream - new piano release
Chris Conway - A Full Moon Summer Night's Dream

I recorded a new solo piano improvisation album - all one track. My last piano album

Outside In
was recorded at noone with outside sounds. This album was recorded by candlelight at full moon at midnight and thus is its nightime companion. I struck a Tibetan singing bowl 3 times at the beginning, along the way, and at the end, making a kind of ritual. I recorded it in one go in about an hour.

The music is quiet, sparse and like nothing I have done before - it sounds like modern classical somehow. But it makes an interesting step on the journey from Glisten (short varied tracks), Midnight Window Blue (longer tracks & minimalism), Outside In (one whole piece wandering where it will)

See webpage here
- it is streamable and downloadable (£5) from Bandcamp now.
- iTunes, Amazon, Spotify in a few weeks
- CDrs made to order.
- hear it here

14th May 2017
buddha dreamer youtube gets 5 million views

this YouTube of my album Buddha Dreamer played twice over just passed 5 million views!!! . That is amazing! This last million took just 3 months!

It was uploaded by a company under license from the record label. I do get some royalty and PRS from this but sums from streamed music is small and there is a complex path to get to me.

But I just am chuffed at the numbers of listeners and I get such lovely comments under this YouTube. :-)

6th April 2017
chris conway & ajahn achalo - three jewels and a lotus - new download release
Conway Achalo Three Jewels And A Lotus
After 8 months of work the collaborative album with Buddhist monk Ajahn Achalo and myself, all conducted by email between his monastery in Bangkok and my studio in Leicester has been completed. His chanting and my wafty music, plus guests sitar player Neil Donoghue I worked with on Ayurveda Gold, and Celtic harper Mo Coulson

His students are releasing a CD but it will only be distributed at monasteries in Thailand and Malaysia, but he has said I can co-ordinate a digital release. It has just gone up on Bandcamp, where you can listen or download it and name-your-price (including £0). iTunes, Spotify, etc to follow.

Hear it here

2nd August 2016
outside in - piano improvisation + outside sounds - new album
Chris Conway Outside In

I recorded a new piano improvisation album last week. It is a single 51 minute track, and this time I placed 2 microphones out of the window to record the outside - rain, breeze in the trees, the odd car, which adds an otherworldy underscore to the music and sounds at times like the ocean.
I first did this outside recording on my first solo album 4am where I recorded a blackbird singing on my street at 4am.

It is available to listen, download to on Bandcamp and CDs will be on a you-want-one, I'll print one basis. It will be on iTunes & Amazon in a month or so.

I'm delighted with it - the music is a bit sparser perhaps than the previous piano album Midnight Window Blue, and the occasional folk-ish melody appeared.

23rd June 2016
celtic air is released on cd
Govannen 4 Elements
Govannen's Celtic Air album is finally available on CD after having been available as a download for several months.
We have a few copies available from the website page via the Paypal button for £9 in post and packing anywhere.

So finally the 4 Elements are completed, which started 12 years ago when we started recording Healing Waters in 2004, then Celtic Fire came in 2007, then Celtic Earth in 2012, now Celtic Air in 2016.

govannen - celtic air - cover art & amazon downloads
Govannen - Celtic Air

This is the cover art for Govannen's forthcoming album for Paradise Music, Celtic Air. It should be available for download very soon, the CD will be a month or so...

Celtic Air completes the cycle of elements albums that began with the release of Healing Waters 11 years ago, followed by Celtic Fire and Celtic Earth.

Celtic Air is available to download from Amazon

iTunes and others to follow soon...


ayurveda gold - new release

Ayurveda Gold CD

Chris Conway & Neil Donoghue release a new album Ayurveda Gold on iTunes, Amazon download, YouTube and Spotify and other download stores. It will be released in October on CD on the Paradise Music label.

Indian tinged atmospheric music explores the 5 Ayurvedic elements- Air, Fire, Earth, Ether, & Water, and features Neil Donoghue's sitar & guitar playing and Chris Conway's multi-instrumental wizardry, so a wonderful array of exotic instruments weave together to form a dreamlike journey through the elements.
Read more info here

Chris Conway & Neil Donoghue - Ayurveda Gold

continuous version
iTunes - continuous - continuous - continuous

spirits of the angels - new release

Chris Conway & Mo Coulson - Spirits Of The Angels

The CD of the Mo Coulson & Chris Conway album Spirits Of The Angels is now out!! (well. I have some advance copies anyway.) Check out the album webpage for more information and to buy the CD via paypal or for links to download.

Following the success of our Spirits Of The Mermaids album, this album is a little different - it is mostly instrumental with atmospheric voices and more peaceful :-) Like Mermaids though there is a little story that runs through the album, of an angel who hears a child's voice and spends a day on Earth searching for the child.
The album was areal pleasure to make - it just seemed to flow effortlessly - and Mo and I are delighted with it. We hope you like it too. :-)


paradise music - 10 years!

Paradise 10 Years

2015 marks 10 years I have been recording with the Paradise Music new age label and in that time I have released/recorded/produced 28 Paradise albums.
Thanks to everyone at Paradise, all the artists I've collaborated with, and everyone who has bought, downloaded, streamed or just enjoyed my music and spread the word.
To mark the occasion I've started a chronological listening quest of all the albums I've made with Paradise. Interesting hearing the changes in techniques, sounds, and trends over time. "That was cool - why don't I do that anymore?" etc. And the things that haven't changed. The quest also gives me an appreciation of all the detailed work I did which I tend to forget just looking at the albums on my shelf. I'm enjoying the trip. :-)

flute dreamer - now out on cd

Chris Conway Flute Dreamer

Flute Dreamer - released as downlaods for a while now - is due to get an official CD release in 2015 - but I now have some advance copies for sale - a bit late for Christmas but - hey - you might need chilling out after Christmas :-)

The latest in the Dreamer series, Flute Dreamer focusses on my Celtic flutes and whistles and puts them in an an ambient relaxing setting suitable for meditatio, relaxation or sleep. It is a very dreamy album and is a continuous piece of music "Five Dreams Of Flying - divided up into 5 sections.

Instrumentation - Irish tin & low whistles, Irish flute, keyboards, electric 9 string guitar, zither, electric kantele, kalimba, theremin, voice, temple bells, bamboo & metal chimes.
See the album webpage for more info about Flute Dreamer

separate tracks mix

full album continuous mix

buy cd
only £9 - Free postage

celtic gold - now out on cd

Chris Conway Celtic Gold

Celtic Gold is now out on CD!
See the album webpage for more info about the album
It's also available for download on iTunes & Amazon mp3 and Spotify.

Celtic Gold an album of relaxing Celtic ambient music inspired by Celtic myths of healing. What started out as an idea for a minimal sparse meditational album along the way turned into a bit of an epic.

It features the Irish flutes and whistles strongly and full instrumentation is - Irish tin & low whistles, Irish flute, piano, keyboards, acoustic & electric 9 string & nylon string guitars, zither, electric kantele, kalimba, voice, temple bells, bamboo & metal chimes.

downloads from