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Govannen - The Endless Road
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Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Herbert The Sherbet - Zakynthos
Down By The Salley Gardens
Humours Of Ennistymon - Burnt Old Man
Indian Tea
Galway Girl - (not on Bandcamp)
A Stor Mo Chroi - Farewell To Erin
When Will We Be Married
Kitchen Girl
Billy In The Low Ground - Blackberry Blossom
The Snow And The Fire
The Endless Road*

Adele McMahon -
Dan Britton - vocals, guitar, bodhran, bouzouki
Chris Conway -
vocals, keyboards, Irish whistles, kalimba, percussion
Neil Rabjohn -
cajon drum, vocals, percussion
Roger Wilson -
vocals, violin, guitar

* includes a clip of Dan McMahon singing The Boys Of Barr Na Sriade

Govannen The Endless Road back


Original and traditional songs and traditional tunes
with the Govannen live sound captured in the studio.

Govannen have not until now done a studio album with songs, so they had been wanting to do that for some time. They also wanted to have some of their original songs that they play from time to time. - so there is one each from Dan, Chris & Roger. So along with some traditional tunes, they went to Tiny's Studio in order to get their live sound, and yet with proper studio sound.

They also added some old favourites from their live set, and some tunes Roger brought to the band.

Planxty, Donal Lunny, The Bothy Band, The Chieftains, Sharon Shannon, The Pogues,

Released to celebrate 10 years of Govannen.

Adele's father Dan passed away while making this album. Included at the last track is a clip of him singing in a pub in Ireland.

Recording began in the summer of 2014 but was suspended as Roger got a part ina theatre production of Treasure Island in London for several months. Recording and mixing resumed in January 2015.

track by track

Govannen recording

1. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Traditional Irish song and a favourite at concerts.

2. Herbert The Sherbet - Zakynthos

Roger brough these tunes to the band - the second one is one of his own.

3. Down By The Salley Gardens
Chris brings his low Irish whsitle and piano ballad arrangement of this traditional song with words by the poet WB Yeats.

4. Humours Of Ennistymon - Burnt Old Man
Two traditionalIrish tunes that have beena feature of the Govannen live set for a while with Dan's bodhran and Chris's kalimba.

5. Indian Tea
Roger's song which includes lines from Robert Frost The Road Less Travelled.

6. Galway Girl - (CD only)
A Steve Earl song that became a huge hit in Ireland.

7. A Stor Mo Chroi - Farewell To Erin
A slow traditional air featuring Adele's fiddle, before going into the lively Erin.

8. When Will We Be Married

A traditional song Govannen have been singing for years - nice to have a studio recording of their unique arrangement of it.

9. Kitchen Girl
A bluegrass tune that Roger was playing. The band were going to play along but they felt it was great on it;s own.

10. Lifespell

Chris's magic spell of a song featuring his kalimba.

11. Billy In The Low Ground - Blackberry Blossom
Some American tunes that Roger brought to the band which have their origins in Scotland.

12. The Snow And The Fire
Dan's great song given a new Govannen arrangement.

13. Shannons
Some tunes Adele picked up from Sharon Shannon.

14. The Endless Road

An atmospheric reprise of Down By The Salley Gardens for Chris's low Irish whistle which goes into a live recording of Adele's dad Dan singing in a pub in Country Clare.

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