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Aramara - Spa Gold
Aramara Spa Gold

Chris Conway -
piano, keyboards, low & tin whistles, electric 9 string guitar, zither, harmonizer, voice
Zorpinda Zorpin -
keyboards, swarmandal, temple bells, voice
Clookai - flute

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Chris Conway

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Chris ConwayZorpindaClookai
Spa Gold is a seamless hour of luxurious music.
Perfect for enjoying spa treatments or even just for relaxing. Lush textures in the music have been specially composed to make you feel good. Music to treat yourself to. Produced by Chris Conway.

This music was inspired by the feelings and experiences felt when you are treating yourself well. Pampering yourself or letting others pamper you.

There is a kind of stillness, a slowing down, sometimes a warm glow grows from the quiet inside. These feelings were the inspiration for the music on Spa Gold

One of the most meditative and ambient albums Chris has recorded to date. There are some real jewels that crop up in the sound.

Hear the whole album

Robert Rich, Stephan Micus, Al Gromer Khan, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Terry Riley

Melt and Crystal Melt were two of the most intricate pieces to record and took longer to make than any other tracks.

Aramara means “a sacred place by the ocean” in the Huichol language.

Zac Chandler who writes the notes on Spa Gold is the brother of singer and recording artist Kym.

CC's fave track - Melt

Aramara is a pool of musicians based around a core group who came together to create atmospheric and healing music. On this, their debut recording, we feature the core group of Chris, Zorpinda and Clookai. Chris writes the music and the Zorpinda & Clookai add their special textures to the sound.

The group called themselves Aramara, not only as it is a palindrome and has a symmetry reflected in their sound, but it also has meanings sympathetic to their music. Aramara means "a sacred place by the ocean" in the Huichol language.
To the the Huichol People of central Mexico, Tacutsi Aramara is the Goddess of Life, the Mother Goddess. From her have sprung all life forms; humans, animals and plants. Tacutsi Aramara not only gives life to all she nurtures, but teaches a manner of life pleasant to the Gods.

Each of the tracks within this CD flow into one another and gets calmer and more peaceful as the album goes on, mirroring a yoga session. The music can be interpreted anyway the listener chooses, of course, but it was originally conceived as a journey within, - beginning with a glimpse of where we hope to be at the end, - followed by meditating on breathing, - achieving and feeling balance, - then a journey deeper within though many layers, - leading to a feeling of freedom, - then feeling the wisdom that the freedom has given, - leading to peace, - then to Unity. Oneness with everything. Totally in balance.

1. Ocean Mind
Like the ocean waves, like your breathing - let the music wash over you. Feel yourself floating on the water along with the flute. Flute features over keyboards and vibraphone.

2. Time Stands Still 9.16
Slow down your mind. Feel the time slowing as the returning theme played on piano and flutes and gentle voices.

3. Melt 9.17
Feel yourself begin to melt. The hard shell you need to surround yourself with in your busy life is melting away for a while. A beautiful repeating minimal patterns of guitar and keyboards and haunting returning refrain sung by gentle voices. A warm electric guitar solo features as well.

4. Crystal Melt 5.42
Feel even your crystalline thoughts melt away with this hypnotic second part of the melt section. A continuation of Melt, beginning with sounds like points of light before returning to the vocal Melt theme.

5. One Peace 6.36
Oneness, calm, contentment. You are beginning to feel this. There is a hint of something deeper now that you can feel inside now that you have slowed down. Zithers waft over an atmospheric drone. Piano notes then float on the top before the soulful flute enters.

6. Circle of Light 8.19
Feel a glow inside develop, first appearing as points and circles inside which grow into an overall inner glow. Piano, gentle organ and flutes circle eachother before zithers return and an anthemic melody for zithers and gentle voices.

7. Time Stands Still Part 2 6.38
Time has slowed down even more. How much time has elapsed? If you don't know - that is a good thing.Piano chords wind their way to a return of the theme from track 2 for piano, flute and voices.

8. Deep Ocean Mind
Coming out from the deep peace of relaxation. Hear the waves, feel your breathing. You are returning to the world but you see it differently now. Plus you can come back any time you like - the waves will be waiting. Retrunign to the feel of the opening track but with different chords as piano, flute and voice gently play around eachother over an atmospheric drone.

total time 60.40

The Perfect Remedy
Not normally one to even bother with the many spa type albums that are around, as most of them are seemingly patchworked albums of looped tracks and average material to suit the background environment, but one stands out head over heels on it's own right is this quite brilliant album by Aramara entitled Spa Gold.

Aramara are in fact the amazing Chris Conway, Zorpinda Zorpin and Clookai. Spa Gold is simply one of those albums that you may take a chance on buying and then you're hooked into a beautiful album that sseemingly has an addictive quality about it.

Tracks such as Ocean Mind and Time Stands Still seem to pull the listener in to a world of many dimensions, all of those dimensions seem familiar to the extent that when used in healing, the album provokes the client to feel a sense of being able to travel to a time that was relaxing and peaceful, thus creating a safe sanctuary to allow the further healing to have an even greater effect.

Musically Spa Gold is a gem of an album that proves that you shouldn't judje a CD by it's title, this quality release is something that little bit special and I for one would recommend it to listen to, or use in a healing surgery.

Steve Sheppard

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