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Audible Light - Submergence
Audible Light - Submergence

More Than You Believe In

Audible Light - Submergence back

Andy Atyeo - electric guitar, synthesizer, laptop
Chris Conway -
piano, keyboards, theremin, voice, Irish whistles, shaker, effects
Les Hayden -

bass, tenori-on, laptop

Jim Tetlow - laptop with keyboard, cajon
+ special guest
Linda Faulkner - voice - 2


Audible Light - Ambient Underground
Beautiful flowing ambient music experience.
Two tracks only as Audible Light play extended improvisations among the liquid lightshow of their first debut concert. Soundscapes flow from one to the next as amazing delicate sounds shimmer with an underwater feel.

A feeling of magical stillness was evident on the stage as Audible Light began their set on their debut concert at Ambient Underground event. They started to play and ....kept on playing. Ideas seemed to come, then lead onto the next.

Vocalist Linda Faulkner joined Audible Light on the 2nd piece, which had a more floating feel and and ending that didn't want to end - so they just kept floating.

Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, Alio Die, ECM, Terry Riley, Terje Rypdal, Arve Hendriksen, John Hassell.

Recorded live at Audible Light's debut concert at Ambient Undergrund event at The Cookie, Leicester, UK, just a few days after the studio recording of the Luminescence album.

Though there was some editing, the tracks were played in the same order as they appear on the album. No tracks were deleted.

This was only the fourth time Audible Light had played together.

The cover art is a photo by Jim Tetlow when he was in Australia.

CC's fave track - More Than You Believe In

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