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Memory Wire - Underground

Memory Wire - Underground

Shimmering, Descending
The Tunnel
Underground Paradise

Chris Conway -
piano, keyboards, theremin, low whistle, voice, temple bells, effects.
Jim Tetlow -
laptop with keyboard, cajon
+ special guests
Andy Atyeo - guitar, synthesizer, effects - 2
Les Hayden - bass - 2
Linda Faulkner - voice - 4

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Memory Wire @ Ambient Underground
Warm dark cavern with twinkly lights.
Ambient electro-acoustic music with minimal, world music touches. recorded live at Ambient Underground and Quadelectronic events

Most of this album was recorded at the Ambient Underground concert event at The Cookie, Leicester, with track 2 The Tunnel recorded live at Quadelectronic 78 event at Quad Studios.
On The Tunnel they are joined by 2 musicians from Chris & Jim's Audible Light band.
On Aviatrix they are joined by improvising vocalist Linda Faulkner who is a regular player at Quadelectronic events.

The album was called Underground not only because of Ambient Underground but also because the venue where it was recorded was also underground.

The sound makes one think of entering a warm cavern with crystals on the walls with lights reflecting on them and making them twinkle.

Released to celebrate 5 years of Memory Wire!

Robert Rich, Terry Riley, Vidna Obmana, Eduard Artemiev, Alio Die.
Memory Wire + Linda Faulkner at Ambient Underground
Memory Wire + Linda Faulkner @ Ambient Underground

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