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Chris Conway - keyboards, piano, tin & low whistles, voice, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, zithers, theremin, temple bells, gongs, harmonizer, samples, percussion

Chris Conway

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Chris Conway
A calming and peaceful journey in music.
Beautiful relaxing ambient music. Zither, Irish whistles, guitars, keyboards, temple bells and more take you from breathing to ultimate unity and peace.

Each of the tracks within this CD flow into one another and gets calmer and more peaceful as the album goes on, mirroring a yoga session. The music can be interpreted anyway the listener chooses, of course, but it was originally conceived as a journey within, - beginning with a glimpse of where we hope to be at the end, - followed by meditating on breathing, - achieving and feeling balance, - then a journey deeper within though many layers, - leading to a feeling of freedom, - then feeling the wisdom that the freedom has given, - leading to peace, - then to Unity. Oneness with everything. Totally in balance.

CC says of the album...
"I decided to approach this ambient album differently from Guiding Light and have discrete tracks which flow into one another rather than one big piece.

Creating the right flow and feel to this album was a lot of the work. It was worth the effort.


Robert Rich, Stephan Micus, Ralph Towner, Eduard Artemiev, Christian Hoy Knudsen

Originally released as In Balance - the Gold series began a few years later and it was thought this album would fit into the series so it was re-released as Yoga Gold.

Music from this album has been used ona number of compilations.

On of Chris's most ambient albums.

Chris was using a new synthesizer on this album (Spectraonics Atmosphere) - though mostly for touches here and there - which added some different flavours. "

Includes personal notes by yoga expert Tonya Williams.

CCs favourite track - Freedom

1. Towards Unity. 0.59
(synthesizers, vibraphone and vocal samples, electric 9 string guitar, effects)

Voices beckon the listener in, and give a hint as to where we will end up.

2. Breathing.
(voices, electric 9 string guitar, synthesizers, temple bells, harmonizer, gong)
Temple bells herald the breathing section. The opening bass notes are a recurring motif through the album - I call the Balance Theme. Breathing I symbolised with 6 breathy voices which grow as this piece grows. Temple bells and gongs add to the air of ceremony. The ambient sound and electric 9 string guitar give an aquatic feel to this piece - like breathing freely underwater.

3. Balance 7.06
(voices, zithers, tin whistle, synthesizers)
This piece just sits in a timeless balanced suspension. The peaceful sound of two zithers occupy the foreground, with bass synthesizer balanced with tin whistle, each giving the other windows to shine. 3 voices singing "Om" bookend this section - they return now and again throughout the album.

4. A Journey Within 11.30
(piano, low whistle, voices, synthesizers, percussion, vibraphone & tabla samples)

This long piece is a multistage journey. Solo piano first, then joined by vibraphone adding gentle motion. After "Om", a bass drum joins - like a heartbeat. At the next "Om" - the vibraphone is replaced by undulating synthesizer - a deeper part of the journey. Another "Om" and the tabla drums enter - like footsteps. We are moving confidently now. Then the low whistle enters for a flight - looking down on it all. Slowly all the other instruments fade away on a final low "Om", and we are left alone with the low whistle.

5. Freedom 5.59
(low whistle, theremin, synthesizers)

The low whistle after it's reverie takes off and is joined by a rich low lead synthesizer which takes the flight higher where it is joined after a time by a descending theremin (which sounds similar) - the two circle around each other and intertwine. Flying free. The theremin is an electronic instrument invented in 1920 played by moving your hands through the air - a perfect freedom for me as a musician.

6. Wisdom 7.35
(acoustic 9 string guitars, voices, synthesizers)
After "Om", an ambient sound begins which immediately to me suggested a feeling of ancient wisdom. Two rippling acoustic 9 string guitars delicately rise out of this sound giving a flowing feel to the music. 3 voices join and grow stronger, ending in "Om"s.

7. Peace 2.03
(voices, electric 9string guitar, synthesizers, temple bells)
The aquatic feel and Balance Theme from Breathing returns - this time accompanied by variously harmonized sung "Om"s. This is a brief corridor of peace heralding the final section.

8. Unity/Brahman 7.18
(synthesizers, vibraphone and vocal samples, electric 9 string guitar, effects)

We have arrived at the place we glimpsed in the opening track. Long suspended shifting chords of voices and electric 9 string guitar glide like clouds with echoing vibraphone sounds rising out from underneath. All spiralling down to one note - one voice. Unity.

Total time 50.17
Produced by Chris Conway

The Yogic Way Magazine
This album is non-intrusive and well-suited to accompanying the slower, gentler styles of physical yoga. Each of the tracks flow smoothly into one another, offering an easy wave of sound to carry you through your practice without pulling you away from your internal focus. The ambient nature of Yoga Gold is fairly typical of spa fare, and would appeal to those seeking a soft cascade of sound, rather than an album that announces its presence within your practice.
- Kavita Maharaj
Mike C, Devon, UK
Induces calm and inner peace.
Trish Smyth YFH RCYP
- Yoga Teacher and
Yoga Video presenter

The perfect accompaniment to yoga, captures the flow and essence completely taking you on the ultimate yoga journey Soundbites

If it’s a break from the norm, uniform sound of NME bands that seem to occupy so much of the airwaves you're after, Chris Conway’s CD may just be for you.

The ambience of ‘In Balance’, subtitled Music for Yoga is lush, multi-layered and full of all the unusual instrumentation to keep even the most avid music-geek guessing about where all the sounds are coming from!

previously released as
"In Balance"
In Balance CD

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Chris Conway - In Balance - Music for Yoga

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