Chris Conway's jazz and world music fusion are interlinked. His jazz often has world music influences and his world music often blends with elements of jazz improvisation.
Chris Conway is a superlative jazz pianist.
Modern, atmospheric ECM, blues, Latin and other styles mix, match & alternate.

He also is a wonderful jazz singer and writer of jazz songs.
Brazilian jazz singer Ithamara Koorax has recorded one of his songs.

In jazz he has worked with Guy Barker, Andy Sheppard, Stan Sulzman, Martin Speake and the legendary Finnish sax player Sakari Kukko (leader of Piirpauke band) amongst others.

Want to book Chris Conway to play piano or sing jazz songs at a special occasion or jazz venue? - check his agent's bookings page.
world music fusion
He is a true multi-instrumentalist playing flutes and Irish whistles, keyboards, guitars, kalimbas, theremin and zithers.

In world fusion music he has worked with tabla player Talvin Singh, violin virtuoso Dr L Subramanium, sarangi maestro Ramesh Mishra and tabla masters Sarwar Sabri, Partha Murathi Mukherje, and Ustad Faiyaz Khan.

He's released 5 CDs with Jazz Orient (a.k.a. Re-Orient) with sitar maestro Baluji Shrivastav featuring many of his own compositions. 2 of his pieces are alongside tracks by Trilok Gurtu, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Larry Coryell, on the world music CD compilation Crossing Borders.

He has released 6 albums with world music fusion group The Rain Garden with sitar player Carl Peberdy and has featured in it's ranks percussionist Sudha Kheterpal.

His music has been heard on BBC TV and on TV and radio stations all over the world.

a selection of Chris Conway's jazz and world fusion can be heard on this player.

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jazz & world music news
Re-Orient CD back
Re-Orient release first album in 5 years.
Re-Orient release their new album Undiscovered Time on the ARC label. Featuring their usual host of exotic instruments and guest musicians French sax player Eric Junkes and long time associate Andy Platt on bass, Undiscovered Time is one of the greatest releases. While in the studio they realised that they were celebrating their 20th anniversary together as a band.

Chris says - "I'm really pleased with how this came out - I think it's one of our best albums. I think we've captured what we do best in the past and we've moved things on too with subtle hints of electronic and ambient music amongst the Indo-jazz.

For more info check out the Re-Orient Undiscovered Time CD page
Jazz Orient / Re-Orient
New Re-Orient recording finished.
The album to be called Undiscovered Time is expected out before the end of the year. The album features as well as Baluji Shrivastav, Linda Shanovitch & Chris Conway, the French sax player Eric Junkes, and bassist Andy Platt.
Here's little video of Re-Orient in the studio in the summer where they also added some recording to Chris's new songs album Time Traveller.

ARC label celebrate their 35th Anniversary with a FREE world music album download available from Amazon includind a Re-Orient track (that I wrote) called Ila's Dance. The track is billed as being by Baluji Shrivastav instead of Re-Orient featuring Baluji Shrivastav. Never mind... We've been with ARC for 14 of those years.

Available here
Amazon UK
Amazon USA

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New album release - Glisten - solo piano improvisations.
I decided that it had been a long time since I improvised on the piano - many years ago I used to do it all the time - so I decided to start recording some of them - you can hear the album below. I've been listening to a lot of my old piano heroes - Steve Kuhn, Richie Beirach, Terry Riley, John Taylor, Bobo Stenson, and Rainer Bruninghaus - they were the main ones.

I decided with the piano music I didn't want the music to get too clever - but to go with a feeling and keep things simple. As time has gone on and I;ve become more into it the pieces have got more involved but I;m determined to follow a feeling rather than using too much thinking or demonstration of how I can play. Just play what I feel.

Hear whole album on this player -
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Re-Orient's 1st album Indian World Music Fusion gets a new look and a bonus track. The track is actually a track from the "Re-Orient" album and features world renowned percussionist Hossam Ramzy. For more info go here.
Re-Orient - Indian World Music Fusion CD how it looked before

CDs & Downloads
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Chris Conway

solo piano improvisations
Chocolate Bossa
Chris Conway - Minute of the Hour CD
Minute of the Hour
jazz songs live

Déjà Blue
jazz songs

Chris Conway Quartet
with Leaf Storm
Chris Conways Happy Landings

Who Cares?

Dwellers in the Miirage

Think Blue, Count Two

Sky High
Chris Conway Band - Breathtaking CD

world music - fusion
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with Jazz Orient

Undiscovered Time

Re-Orient - Seven Steps To The Sun CDSeven Steps To The Sun
Re-Orient - Indian World Music Fusion CDIndian World Music Fusion
with Jazz Orient
.CC & Chris Puleston
with The Rain Garden
Jazz Orient - Live at the South Bank CD
Live at the South Bank
Jazz Orient - Bird Dancer CD
Bird Dancer

Dangerous Ground
Chris Puleston & Chris Conway - The Healing Drum CD
The Healing Drum

.with The Rain Garden

Ritual of the Sky People

Cosmic Engineers


Closer To The Flame

Practical Candle Magic

world music - ambient - chill out
.CLICK on album cover for more info, track listing and soundclips
Chris Conway
CC & Will Pimlett
with France Ellul
France Ellul & Govannen
Celtic Dreamer CD
Celtic Dreamer
Chris Conway - Ayurveda CD
River of Life
Will Pimlett & Chris Conway - Summoning The Spirit CD
Summoning The Spirit

Spirits of the Sea

Spirits of the Moon

Spirits of the Forest

jazz influenced improvised - electronic - avant garde
.CLICK on album cover for more info, track listing and soundclips
with Continuum
with The Planet Scanners

Space Time


Best Kept Secret


The Third Expedition

In Orbit
The Planet Scanners - Live and Scanning CD
Live and Scanning

chris conway's history in jazz
Chris Conway taught himself the piano as a child. Early influences were Tom Coster, Chick Corea, then Steve Kuhn & Richie Beirach before getting into avant garde realms in his college days, inspired by Howard Riley and Kieth Tippett.

He then formed bands - a trio Solaris, then another trio Happy Landings which later became a quartet, which was inspired by the ECM label artists like Arild Andersen's groups, Bobo Stenson, Rainer Bruninghaus etc. A collection from these years was gathered together and released on his Breathtaking CD. His Happy Landings trio albums have been remastered and relased on CD and download.

All through this time he was blending his jazz in east-west fusion groups The Rain Garden and Jazz Orient/Re-Orient and others. These slowly became the main outlet for his jazz music as his focus turned to singer-songwriting.

Perhaps due to his increasing piano bar sets, he returned to jazz, though often as a jazz singer and songwriter inspired by the interest in his jazz songwriting shown by Brazilian singer Ithamara Koorax. He released a live set of songs Minute of the Hour.

He has also kept up an interest in improvised music which can feature jazz elements in an electronic setting, often featuring his theremin.

In 2008 he released Chocolate Bossa - an album of jazz bossas featuring Brazilians Ithamara Koorax and Thiago DeMello as guests. In 2010 he released Glisten - an album of solo piano improvisations.

the world music connection
Chris Conway's world music fusions usually centre around Indian Music or Celtic Music.

Indian music interest began after studying sitar for a year with Dharambir Singh. Meeting sitar playerCarl Peberdy led to the formation of The Rain Garden. UK tours followed, and a host of cassette albums and 1 CD were made in their 15 year association. 4 remastered albums have been released for CD and download..

He was then noticed by, and later toured with, Pushkala Gopal & Unnikrishnan Indian classical dance troupe. This in turn led to his joining Jazz Orient (also known as Re-Orient for their ARC Music CDs), recording 5CDs.
He has also played with Dr L Subramanium, Talvin Singh, Ramesh Mishra, Sarwar Sabri, Kumar Saswat during this time and toured with with kathak dancer Nilima Devi's dance projects.
In 2003 he released Ayurveda blending Indian influences with relaxation and atmospheric music.
In 2009 The Rain Garden released India - their first album in 10 years
In 2011 Re-Orient recorded a new album for ARC Music called Undiscovered Time to be released by the end of the year.

Celtic music - check out the Celtic Music Page