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Q Magazine
* * *  "Genre-crossing roots rock.  Folk makes friends with African and Indian influences and produces plenty to enjoy...a musical hit!"   
Time Out
""Rootsy multi-instrumentalist Conway is a master of witty, touching acoustic songs. He purveys a lilting and melodic music of depth and emotion" 

Songbook Magazine
"You can't fail to enjoy the intelligently constructed songs, shimmering with musical colour, rich vocal harmonies and stunning instrumental work"

Rock n Reel Magazine
"a kaleidoscopic patchwork-quilt of sounds, vivid, articulate and moving.the sheer class of his arrangements, and the performances from Conway results in a sound which is nothing less than exhilarating. A splendid collection which hits the spot, time and time again"

Mojo Magazine
"Chris Conway is wise, warm, loving and understands Life."

Jazz Review
Chris Conway's warm, soulful voice adds depth to the lyrics, as does his performances on various instruments! This CD is a winner in all aspects, and one you will want in your home! The very top rating for Chris Conway's "Sounds Like Rain." Excellent! Rating: *****Five Stars

Wind and Wire
Musicians don't come much more multi-talented than Chris Conway

LA Daily News, USA
"...a veritable feast of sound. Lovely stuff." 

The Living Tradition Magazine
"For me this is one of the more interesting albums I've heard for some time, as each song is packed with comment and meaning."

Traditional Music Maker
" An exceptional album. The overall feel of the music is so positive in its general outlook and perspective on life that so far, I cannot tire of hearing it. Chris Conway has succeeded in creating a record that is inspirational and complete and I would recommend it to anyone who has a taste for quality music."

 Rock'n Reel
"Chris Conway, is a name which is becoming something of a byword. Conway's music is multi layered including elements of contemporary folk, jazz, oriental and traditional Celtic music  in a style which is refreshing and highly accomplished.  "Storming" is a powerful reminder of the all round talents that are Chris Conway's. There's something serious going on here."

All About Jazz

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