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Oblong is an independent music label producing CDs of music in the song/spoken word categories. Oblong was founded in 1993 by Norwegian film director Bjørnar Bjørnson and co-ordinated by Dorian Morian initially to promote Chris Conway's music. Since then it has grown to other great artists.

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Chris Conway
Chris Conway album We're Al Astronauts
We're All Astronauts
OBL CD080 - 2018
Chris Conway Out Of The Blue
Out Of The Blue
OBL CD075 - 2015
Chris Conway Deep Space Love album
Deep Space Love
OBL CD073 - 2013
Chris Conway CD Time Traveller
Time Traveller

OBL CD070 - 2011
Chris Conway CD Live & Peace & Outer Space
Live & Peace & Outer Space

OBL CD066 - 2010
Chris Conway Songs For Dreamers CD
Songs For Dreamers

OBL CD061 - 2008
Chris Conway CD Close The Circle
Close The Circle

OBL CD056 - 2006
Chris Conway & The Talkin Fish Live
& the Talking Fish Live

OBL CD048 - 2003
Chris Conway Storming CD

OBL CD030 - 1997
Chris Conway Flying Home CD
Flying Home

OBL CD025 - 1996

Sounds Like Rain

OBL CD019 - 1995
Chris Conway Lost Tracks EP
Lost Tracks

OBL CD045EP EP - 2002
Chris Conway DVD In Concert
In Concert
OBL DVD002 - 2010
Chris Conway CD Chocolate Bossa
Chocolate Bossa
bossa songs & tunes
OBL CD058 - 2007
Chris Conway Minute Of The Hour Live
Minute Of The Hour
jazz songs live
OBL CD050 - 2004

Déjà Blue
- jazz songs
OBL CD019 - 1995
Chris Conway & Dan Britton
Singer Silver Conway
Chloe Singer
Safe Harbour
Safe Harbour
OBL CD077 - 2016
Live in Edinburgh DVD
Live In Edinburgh DVD

OBL DVD001 - 2004
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Live CD

OBL CD049 - 2003
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Just Be Real CD
Just Be Real
AND 2001
Singer Silver Conway Live CD

OBL CD047 - 2003
Chloe Singer Live
OBL CD046 - 2003
The Storm Thieves
The Storm Thieves - Live At The Bayou
Live At The Bayou

OBL CD024 - 2014
The Storm Thieves Captured Live
Captured Live
OBL CD024 - 1996/2013

Long Time

OBL CD060  - 1996/2007

Endless Freefall

OBL CD016  - 1994

Up To The Sun

OBL CD011  - 1993
When Cousins Marry
Govannen - As I Roved Out
As I Roved Out
OBL CD076 - 2018
Govannen The Endless Road
The Endless Road
OBL CD076 - 2015
Govannen Live Sniff The Pony CD
Live - Sniff The Pony
OBL CD062 - 2008
Govannen The Water I
The Water Is Wide

OBL CD054 - 2006
Concert For The Door Of Hope
Door Of Hope

OBL CD059 - 2007
When Cousins Marry
Mind Your Own Business
OBL CD071 - 2011
Just The Dust
Andy Griffiths
Steve Cartwright
Just the Dust Another Life
Dancing With Doubt
OBL CD078 - 2017
Just the Dust Another Life
Another Life
OBL CD072 - 2012
Just The Dust Rattle Of Stones CD
Rattle Of Stones
OBL CD055 - 2006
Just The Dust CD Stronger

OBL CD035 - 1999

Strawberry Girl
Steve Cartwright
At the Break of Dawn
OBL CD040 - 1999
Kate Easton
Dave Kirk
Kate Easton Songs To Love and Learn album
Songs To Love and Learn
OBL DL069 - 2011
Songs to Love and Learn - Kate Easton
Kate Easton Wakefulness & Want CD
Wakefulness & Want
OBL CD068- 2011
Kate Easton Before Too Long CD
Before Too Long
OBL CD067 - 2006

OBL CD057 - 2007

Along The Way
OBL CD052 - 2004

Keeping the Spirit Alive
OBLCD043 - 2000
Roger Pugh
Roger Pugh A Colourful Journey
A Colourful Journey

OBL CD079 - 2018

Fairytale Years
OBL CD051 - 2004

Ranting in Heaven
OBLCD044 - 2002

Orchestra of Wishes
OBL CD037 - 1999
Turtle Om
Robbie Murphy
Lloyd Hughes & Britton

Festival of Fish
OBL CD033 - 1999

Utopia Planitia
OBL CD029  - 1996

Robbie Murphy My Inspiration CD
My Inspiration
OBL CD063 - 2009
Robbie Murphy Emerald Blue CD
Emerald Blue
OBLCD039 - 2000
The Nameless Lassie CD
The Nameless Lassie
OBL CD041 - 2000