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New Age Celtic World Music Fusion Jazz Electronic/Ambient

chris cxonway & theremin

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Audible Light new release, Govannen Celtic Air download
Audible Light - Convergence - new ambient album
Govannen - Celtic Air - new album
Midnight Window Blue - new solo piano album
Audible Light - Submergence- new ambient album

Ayurveda Gold CD - new New Age/world music album.
photos - a year of photos
videos - new Celtic Air promo, 3 videos for piano album Midnight Window Blue
live dates
- coming in all the time.


solo, with bands and collaborations
Click on an album cover - with many you can hear the whole album - others have soundclips. Some are free to download
Latest Releases
Audible Light - Convergence
Govannen - Celtic Air
Chris Conway - Midnight Window Blue
Audible Light - Submergence
Ayurveda Gold
Memory Wire - Underground
Audible Light - Luminescence
Jodi Krangle Time Will Tell
Chris Conway & Mo Coulson - Spirits Of The Angels
Govannen The Endless Road
Chris Conway Out Of The Blue
Chris Conway Deep Space Love album
Chris Conway & The Talking Fish - Live CD
Chris Conway - Alien Salad Abduction CD
Chris Conway - My Minds Island CD
Chris Conway - Earth Rising CD
Chris  Conway CD Flying Home
Chris Conway - Sounds Like Rain CD
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Live CD
Chris Conway & Dan Britton - Just Be Real CD
The Storm Thieves - Live At The Bayou
The Storm Thieves Captured Live
Chloe Singer, Judih Silver, Chris Conway - Live CD
Toffy McDougall & The Primal Soup Troubadours
Chris Conway Flute Dreamer
Chris Conway Celtic Gold
Chris Conway Piano Dreamer
Chris Conway Buddha Dreamer album
Chris Conway - Spirits of the River
Chris Conway - Guiding Light CD
Chris Conway CD Piano Natural
Chris Conway - Ayurveda CD
Ayurveda Gold
Chris Conway & Mo Coulson - Spirits Of The Angels
Will Pimlett & Chris Conway - Summoning The Spirit CD
Govannen - Celtic Air
Govannen The Endless Road
Govannen Celtic Christmas
Govannen cd Celtic Earth
Govannen - Healing Waters CD
Re-Orient Seven Steps To The Sun CD
Jazz Orient - Live at the South Bank CD
Jazz Orient - Bird Dancer CD
Chris Puleston & Chris Conway - The Healing Drum CD
The Rain Garden Back Of Beyond
The Rain Garden - In Another Sphere
Chris Conway - Midnight Window Blue
Jodi Krangle Time Will Tell
Chris Conway - Through Mirrors We Met
Chris Conway CD Retracing My Steps
Chris Conway - Minute of the Hour CD
Moses Styring Conway Unnatural Prospect
Chris Conway Band - Breathtaking CD
Chris Conway's Happy Landings Meet You there
Audible Light - Convergence
Audible Light - Submergence
Memory Wire - Underground
Audible Light - Luminescence
Audible Light - Radiance
Memory Wire - Fingerprints
Memory Wire Aura
Etherwheel album Theremin & Hurdy-gurdy
Memory Wire CD Meteor
Memory Wire CD Meteor
The Scanner Game - Musici CD
The Planet Scanners - Live and Scanning CD
Chris Conway - Contact Light CD
Chris Conway - Scanning Planet 3 CD
Avant Garden - Living In The Here & There